Qureshi elected to emergency medicine association student council

Moiz Qureshi
Moiz Qureshi

Moiz Qureshi, a fifth-year medical student, has been elected vice president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident & Student Association’s Medical Student Council.

Elected terms to the association’s national board of directors and medical student council begin in mid-May. The positions are one-year terms.

Moiz said he hopes to pursue a residency in emergency medicine, and specialize in disaster management and establishing tertiary care centers in developing countries.

Prior to being elected vice president, Moiz was a voting member of the organization. He built his candidacy platform on improving direct communications for medical students with emergency medicine residency program directors. His responsibilities as vice president will include actively recruiting students from across the country to join the organization, and furthering student involvement at the association’s annual scientific assembly.

The association was established to enhance services to students and coordinate student initiatives, regional activities, and recruitment. It works to provide education through programs such as a written board review course, research opportunities and symposiums such as the Inter-American Emergency Medicine Congress. It also promotes the integrity of the emergency medicine practice.

The medical student council was created to foster growth and development of young physicians. It facilitates a platform for rising physicians to connect and transition into the broader network of emergency medicine.