Mission & Vision



The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine Department of Radiology addresses the imaging training and needs of Missouri through training future radiological providers, teaching radiological imaging to students, residents and fellows, as well as engaging in research and scholarly activity at the highest possible level.


The Department of Radiology is the preferred site of training in radiological imaging for graduates of schools of medicine in Missouri and surrounding region. The training and research programs are innovative, evidence-based, and collaborative with the school of medicine, industry, and a diversity of affiliated institutions and academic departments.


The department of radiology trainees, including medical students, radiology residents and fellows, will understand the utility and risks of all subspecialties imaging modalities. Each will achieve a level of knowledge that will allow a commitment to life-long learning. Residency and fellowship graduates will be prepared to join private and academic practices working in various imaging subspecialty areas. Trainees, students and faculty will act as an integral part of the clinical team to promote transparency, quality improvement and the highest level patient care.

  1. To provide excellent radiological interpretation and consultation skills to referring physicians and patients at all socioeconomic at Saint Lukes Hospital, the Kansas City Veterans Administration Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics and University Health Truman Medical Center.
  2. To treat all patients with empathy, respect, dignity, and apply radiological imaging studies safely.
  3. To teach medical students how to safely and appropriately use medical imaging to benefit their patients.
  4. To develop the medical knowledge and skills of residents who have chosen a career path in radiology so that they can be safe, empathic professionals with excellent communication skills.
  5. To provide radiology professionals and consulting physicians in all fields with continuing education in the field of radiological imaging.
  6. To contribute to and expand the current body of knowledge in the field of radiology through education, research and other scholarly activity.