Endowed Professors & Chairs

An endowed chair position is sponsored by an endowment fund donated specifically for that purpose. Donors who generously endow chairs recognize that they are not only ensuring academic excellence in teaching and research today, but safeguarding education and medical discoveries for the future. The UMKC School of Medicine is proud to have 22 endowed chairs and is extremely grateful to our benefactors for their generous support.

Donald R. Campbell, M.D.,
Arthur W Robinson, MD, Chair in Internal Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital

David J. Cohen, M.D., MSc,
Chair in Cardiovascular Clinical Research at Mid-America Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Hospital

Endowed Chair in Emergency Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital

John Spertus, M.D.
Daniel Lauer, MD, Chair in Metabolism and Vascular Disease Research

Dee Lyons Chair in Pediatric Immunology Research

Jill Moormeier, M.D.
Edward H. Hashinger Distinguished Professor in Medicine

Stanley Fisher, M.D.
Edward T. Matheny, Jr Chair in Neuroscience

Peter Koulen, Ph.D.
Felix and Carmen Sabates Chair in Vision Research

Akin Cil, M.D.
Franklin D. Dickson Professorship in Orthopedic Surgery

James D. St. Louis, M.D.
Joseph Boon Gregg Chair in Cardiac Surgery

Marion Merrell Dow Chair in Pediatric Research

Steven L. Kanter, M.D.
Merle and Muriel Hicklin Chair in Medicine

Timothy Pluard, M.D.
Paul Koontz Chair in Breast Disease

Michael Moncure, M.D.
Ralph R. Coffey Chair in Surgery

Mark Bernhardt, M.D.
Rex L. Diveley Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Sosland Foundation Chair in Trauma Research

Gary Sutkin, M.D.
Victor and Caroline Schutte Chair in Med Leadership/ Women’s Health

Peter L. Almenoff, M.D., F.C.C.P.
Vijay Babu Rayudu Endowed Chair of Pt. Safety

John Q. Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Westport Anesthesia Chair in Anesthesia Research

Shui Qing Ye, M.D., Ph.D.
William R. Brown Chair in Genetics and Molecular Medicine

Brian Carter, M.D.
William T and Marjorie Sirridge Professor in Medical Humanities

Margaret Suzanne Neal Chair in Orthopedic Surgery