Room Reservations


Policy No. 23 – Room Reservations

The School of Medicine has several rooms available for use. The purpose of this page is to outline policies and procedures related to reserving space at the School of Medicine.

For the official policy document, please reference this link: Policy No. 23 (PDF)


Reservations requests are not accepted until all classes for the next semester have been assigned.

Once all classes are assigned rooms, reservation requests are opened for graduate medical education and School of Medicine departments and organizations. On the first day of the new semester, rooms are opened to everyone.

Requests are considered on a first-come, first served basis. If multiple requests are received, assignments will be made according to the following priorities.

  1. Undergraduate Medical Education
  2. Graduate Education
    (MSA, PA, MS/Certificate Program {Informatics/HPE})
  3. Graduate Medical Education
  4. School of Medicine Departments
  5. School of Medicine Student Organizations
  6. Non-SOM UMKC Department and other School/Academic Unit Requests
  7. Hospital Affiliate Requests
  8. Non-Hospital/Non-Affiliated Requests
Reservation Cost

There is no cost to reserve a room for UMKC Departments or Organizations (1-5 above). There is a cost for affiliate and non-affiliate reservations. Fees can be waived under certain circumstances.

Please refer to the Fee Schedule page to see the current rates. An invoice will be sent to the location provided on the request and payment has to be made prior to the event.

Reservation Process
  1. Complete Room Reservation Form.
  2. Requests are reviewed within three Business Days and an answer will be emailed back.
    1. If the request is immediate, please send an additional email to stating you submitted a request for an event that is to be held within the next three days.
  3. Rooms are assigned based on needs (size, A/V, etc).
    1. For assistance with A/V or technical support, please contact Educational Resources at:
      Phone (816) 235-1831 or Email
  4. An invoice will be sent for non-affiliate requests once the reservations is confirmed. If payment is not received prior to the event, it will be cancelled.
  5. The week of your event, a calendar will be emailed with all SOM events, including yours. Please make sure to check this calendar to verify the information is accurate.
General Rules
  • The School of Medicine is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the room prior to or following your event.
  • Food may be brought in, but it must be indicated when you reserve the room, and it must be taken out with you when you leave. Alcohol is not allowed.
    Note: No food/drink allowed in Computer Testing Labs or Microscope classrooms.
  • The tables and chairs in the room(s) may be rearranged; however, the room must be left in the same arrangement in which it was found or additional charges may apply.
  • Users are responsible for removing items brought in and for maintaining the general cleanliness of the rooms. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • All groups are financially responsible for any damage done to the room(s) and/or equipment.
  • You may not affix anything to the walls, floors or ceilings of rooms with nails, staples, tape, or any other substance.
  • No animals are allowed inside except those used to assist individuals with disabilities.
  • Because of fire-safety standards, use of candles or items with an open flame are prohibited.