Office of Student Affairs

Color Officers

2020-2021 Color Officers:

Blue 4

Junior – Shil Shah
Senior – Vishwanath Ganesan

Blue 5

Junior – Liesl Larson
Senior – Anna Davis

Gold 4

Junior – Sydney Halbert
Senior – Caroline Olson

Gold 5

Junior – Anissa Bernardez
Senior – Lauren Gresham

Green 4

Junior – Camryn Maloney
Senior – Shruti Kumat

Green 5

Junior – Morgan Vogt
Senior – Michael Oyekan


Junior – Gerard Dietrich
Senior – Rachel Lee

Red 3

Junior – Sidharth Ramesh
Senior – Shirene Philipose

Red 4

Junior – Deepa Kumar
Senior – Varsha Muthukumar

Criteria for nomination
  • Attendance at Quarterly Dean’s Management Meetings
  • Attendance at any special Dean’s Meetings requiring communication back to the students you represent.
  • Attendance at MSAC meetings in order to receive financing for color activities. Willingness to participate in planning and organization of color activities.
  • Students nominate fellow classmates from their color unit that they believe will adequately represent them.  They  may also self-nominate.  Nominations are solicited each year in May.