School of Medicine honors Dr. Mary Anne Jackson with 2012 Take Wing Award

Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., ’78, receives the 2012 E. Grey Dimond, M.D., Take Wing Award from School of Medicine Dean Betty Drees, M.D., on May 23 during a ceremony at the School. Click the image to see more photos from the 2012 Take Wing Award ceremony.

Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., ’78, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics and a professor of pediatrics at the UMKC School of Medicine, received the 2012 E. Grey Dimond, M.D., Take Wing Award during a ceremony and lecture in Theater A on May 23 and called it an honor to join the distinguished list of previous Take Wing winners.

“I want you to know, I feel like there are some big shoes to fill here,” Jackson said.


Jackson received the award for her work as a nationally renowned expert in pediatrics and infectious diseases. She serves on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Red Book Committee on Infectious Diseases, which in June will release the 2012 Red Book, a publication that provides guidance on the diagnosis, treatment, manifestations and epidemiology of more than 200 childhood conditions.

She has developed and edits a similar publication for community and regional child health care providers, The Link, that identifies best clinical practices for common pediatric conditions and provides monthly updates on issues related to childhood immunization in her role as associate chair for community and regional collaborations. Jackson received the Clinical Teacher Award in 2001 for her support and dedication to community pediatricians.

In her Take Wing lecture, “Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Through the Eye of the Red Book,” Jackson discussed the history of the book and presented statistics showing the advances made in the eradication of vaccine-preventable infections that strike children.

Jackson said that while many of the 18 conditions mentioned in the original Red Book in 1938 have not been fully eliminated, they have become far less of a problem within the United States. She also said the first Red Book had enough information to start the discussion among pediatricians on the best policies and procedures to battle childhood diseases.

“We are still fighting some of these battles today,” she said.

Jackson is the 25th School of Medicine graduate to receive the now annual Take Wing Award that is presented to one who has demonstrated excellence in his or her chosen field and exceeded the expectations of peers in the practice of medicine, academic medicine or research. She thanked those who served as her mentors during her time at the School of Medicine and pointed out that she is one of more than 3,000 physicians who have earned their medical degrees at UMKC.

“Among those graduates are some of the most distinguished physicians who are in our community and region, many in private practice like my husband (Jay, also a 1998 graduate),” Jackson said. “But (the list of graduates) also represents a large number of academic physicians across the country in some of the most prestigious institutions.”

E. Grey Dimond, M.D., Take Wing Award Winners

2012 – Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., ’78
2011 – Lisa K. Fitzpatrick, M.D., ’92
2010 – Alan C. Braverman, M.D., ’85
2009 – Gene D. LeSage, M.D., ’77
2008 – Brad W. Warner, M.D., ’82
2007 – Dee Anna Main Glaser, M.D. ’87
2006 – Stanley G. Shaffer, M.D. ’79
2005 – Tracy L. Stevens, M.D. ’90
2004 – Ann Zerr, M.D. ’85
2003 – Robert M. Arnold, M.D. ’83
2002 – Gary A. Salzman, M.D. ’80
2001 – Jan L. Campbell, M.D. ’78
2000 – Rose Zwerenz, M.D. ’82
2000 – Mark T. Steele, M.D. ’80
1999 – Michael De. Jensen, M.D. ’79
1998 – Robert Allen Balk, M.D. ’78
1997 – Michael L. Weaver, M.D. ’77
1996 – Nicholas B. Comninellis, M.D. ’82
1995 – Peter L. Havens, M.D. ’80
1994 – Samuel M. Watts II, M.D. ’79
1993 – James F. Stanford, M.D. ’80
1992 – Mary Lee Heim, M.D. ’76
1991 – Wolfe Gerecht, M.D. ’80
1990 – Mark A. Mitchell, M.D. ’81
1988 – David L. Hayes, M.D. ’76

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