SOM completes update of its Experience-Based Curriculum Guide

Chris Black, MS 6, and Jana Donaldson, MS 6, look on as Ben Wiele, MS 6, practices an intubation technique in the School of Medicine’s simulation lab.

The School of Medicine recently completed a nearly year-and-a-half process of rewriting its Experience-Based Curriculum Guide in order to bring the general competency objectives up to date and align them with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s (ACGME) established competencies.

“We have rewritten the core competencies to make sure they match the six ACGME categories, that they’re current, and that they work within our own curriculum,” said Stefanie Ellison, M.D., associate dean and chair of the School’s Curriculum Council.

The School’s previous nine areas of competency can now be found in the ACGME’s list of core competencies:

—     Interpersonal and communication skills
—     Professionalism, including cultural competence and ethical decision making
—     Medical knowledge, including application of basic science and problem solving
—     Practice-based learning, including lifelong learning and self appraisal
—     Systems-based practice, and
—     Patient care, including history taking, physical exams, procedures, diagnosis and management.

Ellison said the learning objectives for meeting the core competencies were updated with input from members of the Curriculum Council, course and clerkship directors, and other faculty. The objectives were mapped out throughout the six-year curriculum to ensure that they are not only met within the curriculum, but that they are appropriate for the particular year that students are expected to learn them.

“This is an example of how our curriculum is being fully-integrated with the core competencies that are aligned with the LCME’s accreditation standards,” Ellison said.

Ellison said a future goal is for the standards of core competencies to be used as milestones that are linked to promotion standards for students.

For the full overview of the Experience-Based Curriculum Guide and the current learning objectives by curriculum year, visit our website at

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