SOM faculty to take part in CGEA meetings

Marilyn Pesto, J.D., R.N.
Tim Hickman, M.D., M.Ed., M.P.H.

Two School of Medicine faculty members will serve as panelist in discussions on medical humanities at the Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA) annual meeting Friday and Saturday, March 30 and 31, at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. The CGEA is a regional group of the Association of American Medical Colleges that provides a forum for discussions on medical education matters.

Timothy P. Hickman, M.D, M.Ed., M.P.H., associate professor of pediatrics, has served as medical director for continuing medical education and director of cultural competency at the School of Medicine. Marilyn Pesto, J.D., R.N., is director of the Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities and Bioethics.

Hickman and Pesto will be part of a panel discussion on developing curriculum in medical humanities. Hickman will talk on the medical humanities program at the School of Medicine, while Pesto will also discuss medical law and bioethics.

Hickman will also lead a special interest group session on culture and health.

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