SOM grad cares for homeless children through Community LINC wellness clinic

Raymond Cattaneo, M.D., ’03, a private practice pediatrician in Kansas City, is a volunteer with Community LINC, a local non-profit organization that provides counseling and transitional housing for the homeless. Cattaneo is also the medical director of the organization’s new on-site wellness clinic and serves in the Community LINC infant and toddler center.

The clinic, which opened in March with a grant from Humana, evaluated 45 children in its first month.

Continuity of care is a struggle for homeless families who Cattaneo said have difficulty getting their children seen by the same doctor more than once.

“Many parents use the emergency room for basic illnesses, which dramatically increases the cost of medical care,” Cattaneo said. “In our first month, we prevented at least one ER visit and addressed several other medical issues, including asthma, eczema and obesity.”

Cattaneo and the Community LINC wellness clinic were featured on Kansas City’s Fox 4 News.

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