SOM grad presents Founders’ Week lectures

Timothy Buie, M.D., ’84, spoke at the School of Medicine on Oct. 4 as part of the UMKC Founders' Week celebration.
Timothy Buie, M.D., ’84, spoke at the School of Medicine on Oct. 4 as part of the UMKC Founders’ Week celebration.

Timothy Buie, M.D., ’84, an international expert on autism and pediatric gastroenterologist at the Lurie Center for Autism at the Massachusetts General Hospital, returned to Kansas City to deliver two lectures during UMKC’s Founders’ Week Celebration.

Often sought out for his knowledge in educating both health care professionals and parents on how to care for children with developmental disabilities and has done vast research of the topic, Buie shared some of the lessons he’s learned from caring for autism patients in a Founder’s Week Master Class on Oct. 3.

Dean Betty Drees, M.D., welcomed Buie back the School of Medicine on Oct. 4 when he presented a noon conference on gastrointestinal issues associated with autism.

“He is an excellent choice today to represent how well our graduates do after they leave here,” Drees said. “And he is an inspiration and role model for our current students and residents who aspire to attain wonderful careers.”

Buie completed his training in pediatric gastroenterology at the Yale University School of Medicine after receiving his M.D. from the UMKC School of Medicine.  Today, he leads a multidisciplinary program called LADDERS (Learning and Developmental Disabilities Evaluations and Rehabilitation Services) that treats children, adolescents and adults stricken with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

He has published a variety of papers and book chapters that characterize gastrointestinal disorders in children afflicted with autism and other developmental disorders. He was a founder and developer of the Autism Treatment Network, a multicenter program that evaluates medical problems and comorbidity in autistic children.

“Thank you for teaching me and sending me out into the world,” Buie said.

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