Student affairs faculty, staff lead development sessions at national conference

UMKC-SOM-LogoUMKC School of Medicine faculty and staff from the Department of Student Affairs participated in discussions and presentations at an Association of American Medical Colleges national conference on student affairs in St. Louis.

The June conference of the organization’s Group on Student Affairs also brought together representatives of Careers in Medicine and the Organization of Student Representatives.

Three members of the School of Medicine led sessions. Brenda Rogers, M.D., associate dean for student affairs, and Tim Hickman, M.D., led a presentation on Improving Difficult Conversations and Managing Conflict Methods for Success. Robin Patterson, the School of Medicine’s Financial Literacy Coordinator, gave a presentation on Building your Financial Literacy Program: Two Schools of Thought.

The AAMC’s Group on Student Affairs represents medical schools interests and medical students in the areas of admissions, student affairs, financial aid, diversity affairs, and student records.