Student Research Program announces winners from Student Research Summit

Agostino Molteni, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pathology and director of student research, presented Heather Anderson, MS 6, with the first-prize award for her poster presentation at the 2012 UMKC Health Sciences Student Research Summit.

Two graduating Year 6 students were announced as the School of Medicine’s first-place winners for their poster presentations in the recent UMKC Health Sciences Student Research Summit during a presentation on Thursday, May 10, in Theater C.

School of Medicine faculty judges selected Heather Anderson’s presentation on “Clinical and Ancillary Data in Children with Brown Recluse Spider Envenomation” as the first-place award winner. Erin Burns was awarded first prize by the School of Medicine alumni judges for her presentation, “Cocaine-Induced Cutaneous Necrosis: More Histologic and Clinical Evidence to Indicate Levamisole as the Culprit.”

Agostino Molteni, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pathology and director of student research at the School of Medicine, announced the awards following brief oral presentations by two students, Tosan Oyowe, MS 5, and Margaret Wessling, MS 6. Nineteen students from the School of Medicine presented 20 posters during the Health Sciences Research Summit on April 19 that took place on UMKC’s Hospital Hill campus. Students from the schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and biological sciences presented nearly research 100 posters overall.

Molteni said the poster presentations were a strong example of the translational research that students are participating in at the School of Medicine.

Faculty judges from the School of Medicine selected three award winners among the School of Medicine presentations and the Schools’ alumni judges selected two winners.

Faculty awarded second place to Sreeharsha Nandyala, MS 4, who presented, “Unexpected Intra-operative Events that Prompt Discontinuation of Pediatric Spinal Deformity Surgery.” Vanessa Smith, MS 4, received the third prize for “Fasting and Non-fasting Lipid Panels are Similar in Dyslipidemic Children.”

Matthew Goers, MS 5, received the second prize from the alumni judges for his presentation, “Nanoparticle Lung Damage: HMGB1, Pattern Recognition Receptors and Cytokines.”

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