Sarah Morrison Student Research Award

Award Recipients

Student Mentor Project Title
Arunachalam, Harinee Paula Nichols Effect of Necrotizing Enterocolitis on the Developing Brain
Boda, Anna Karl Kador Development of an electrospun corneal implant
Chuy, Valerie Wail Hassan Dissecting T-cell-signaling Disparities Between African Green Monkeys and Rhesus Macaques
Daniel, Gelilla Wail Hassan The putative role of the proteasome’s subunit LMP7 in modulating the LPS-induced proinflammatory response in a mouse macrophage cell line.
Fee, Ann Wail Hassan Regulation of key T-cell surface proteins at the transcriptional level in African green monkeys and rhesus macaques
Gu, Amy Xiangping Chu Title: Acid-sensing ion channel 2 contributes to behavioral sensitization in morphine-treated mice
Gupta, Hershel Paula Nichols Glucocorticoid Receptor Phosphorylation and Neurologic Disorders
He, James Wail Hassan Exploring the potential role of CD3 surface-expression levels in modulating T-cell pro-inflammatory responses in Rhesus Macaque Monkeys
Islam, Adnan Susana Chavez-Bueno Role of rfaZ in Pathogenesis of Escherichia coli Neonatal Sepsis
Kurian, Rebecca Gary Sutkin The Risk of Primary Gynecologic Cancer After Hysteropexy
Nanda, Asha Nasim Ahmadiyeh Community-based approach for intestigating low mammography uptake in Safety Net Hospital (SNH) patients.
Olson, Caroline Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in the retina after systemic fat embolism
Patel, Aashay Susana Chavez-Bueno E. Coli IutA Virulence Properties and Role in Neonatal Sepsis
Patel, Shaan Mike Wacker Constructed Hybrid Protein, FGF23-21c: Reduced Cardio-excitatory Actions Compared to Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (FGF23)
Priya, Lakshmi Prakash Chandra RNA Sequencing of Umbilical Cord Blood from Perinatal Depressed Mothers
Talluri, Rachna David White Triglycerides/HDL ratio as a predictive factor of vascular health in pediatric patients with dyslipidemia: A Longitudinal Study
Wang, Derek Mike Wacker Induction of Cardiac Arrhythmias by Fibroblast Growth Factor 23: Implications for Chronic Kidney Disease
Zweerink, Kara Peter Koulen Infectious disease exposure and subsequent immune system responses predispose patients to progress from dry to wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – development of novel clinical diagnostic tools to identify at-risk patients
Sivasankar, Shivani Mark Hoffman Relationship between emerging trends in antibiotic resistance and inappropriate antibiotic therapy
Mohamed, Yahia Gary Salzman Outcomes of Early versus Late Tracheostomy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A retrospective study
Rumalla, Kavelin Monica Gaddis Unplanned Readmission Following Treatment of Arteriovenous Malformations: Nationwide Rates, Causes, Risk factors, and Outcomes
Student Mentor Project Title
Yicheng Bao Betty Drees Prevalence and Risk Factors of Depression Among Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy
Shannon Demehri John Wang Regulation of Src Family Kinases in the Rat Brain by Adenosine
Abygail Dulle Paula A. Nichols Prenatal Glucocorticoid Exposure for Preterm Birth: Investigating The Role Of Glucocorticoid Receptor Phosphorylation In The Development Of Neuropathology
Ankit Kadakia Paula A. Nichols Role of Synthetic Glucocorticoid Exposure in Ocular Development and Pathology
Cynthia Liu Gary Sutkin The Prevalence and Effects of Ambiguous Language on Communication Errors in the Operating Room
Andrew Peterson Xiangping Chu Modulation of Heteromeric Acid-Sensing Ion 1 a/3 Channels by Zinc
Amber Sarvestani Geetha Raghuveer Long Term Outcomes and Survival Following Repair of Truncus Arteriosus With and Without Interrupted Aortic Arch Utilitizng Linkage of the Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium with the National Death Index and Organ Procurement Transplantation Network Datasets
Som Singh Shui Ye & Li Zhang The Effect of GM26870 Gene Expression on Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity
Kevin Varghese Alain Cuna Effectiveness and safety of repeat use of postnatal steroids for bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Firas Al-Badarin Tim Bateman Cardiovascular Outcomes of Patients with Normal Positron Emission Tomography and Single Photon Computed Tomography Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Kathryn Kyler Kim Smolderen Variation in medication dosing and guideline adherence by weight status for commonly prescribed medications during pediatric asthma hospitalizations
Ali O. Malik Paul Chan Association between hospital reimbursement models and rates of normal elective coronary angiograms.
Sky Cope Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in Ca2+ channel expression and protein-protein interactions with synaptic proteins in age-related cognitive impairment
Fahad Qureshi Gary Sutkin Induction of general anesthesia sequence (IGAS) study:  Unpacking expertise, judgment cues, and critical decision making during high priority events
Faith Mueller Gary Sutkin Virtual Pelvic Surgery Simulator for the Prevention of Surgical Errors
Michael Pennella Wail Hassan Exploring the potential role of CD3 sufrace-expression levels in modulating T-cell pro-inflammatory responses in African green monkeys
Tara Krishnan Gary Sutkin Beeps, Squeals, and Drones: Reducing the Impact of Noise Pollution in the OR
Angela Nwankwo Peter Koulen The Role of TLR Signaling Inhibition in Photoreceptor Survival in Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Demi Woods Xiangping Chu Modulation of Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 1a on Behavioral Sensitization in Morphine-Treated Mice
Donya Jahandar Jennifer Goldman (CMH) Factors Associated with Incomplete Adverse Drug Reaction Documentation
Akash Jani Emmanuel Vlastos (CMH) Cervical Tissue Description from Women at Risk for Cervical Insufficiency
Shelby Larson-Chesbro Joy Fullbright (CMH) Retrospective chart review to evaluate the documentation of discussions of fertility issues in pubertal male and female cancer patients
Elizabeth Onishchenko Ryan Fischer (CMH) Identifying Patient Risk Factors For Development of Chemotherapy Induced Hepatotoxicity in ALL Patients
Ishaan Jakhar Jihnesh Shah To investigate role of sexual dimorphism in melanoma patients with brain metastases
Student Mentor Project Title
Jonah Graves Michael Wacker Mechanisms for FGF23 induced mechanical alternans in mouse hearts
Jonathan Jalali Peter Koulen Retinal blood vessel morphometry as a biomarker for progression of diabetic retinopathy to diabetic macular edema and neovascular complications
Kelly Kapp Lawrence Dall Glycocalyx Production by Viridans Streptococci Causing Endocarditis: Assessment of the Tryptophan Assay as a Marker to Predict Disease
Landon Rohowetz Peter Koulen The role of innate immune system signaling pathways in age-related macular degeneration pathogenesis
Mehr Shah Peter Koulen The role of estrogen hormone signaling pathways in glaucoma pathogenesis
Subhjit Sekhon Ferdaus Hassan Identification of Gene Expression
Krishna Patel Timothy Bateman Imaging findings associated with potential survival benefit with early revascularization in patients undergoing stress myocardial perfusion imaging using Positron emission Tomography for suspected coronary ischemia
Yevgeniy Khariton John Spertus Imaging findings associated with potential survival benefit with early revascularization in patients undergoing stress myocardial perfusion imaging using Positron emission Tomography for suspected coronary ischemia
Taylor Carter Miranda Huffman The Need for Diversity
 Keerthi Gondi Sean Gratton Prevalence, Treatment, and Outcomes of Asymptomatic Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in a Pediatric Population
 Rishahb Gupta Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in Ca2+ channels during optic neuritis
 Debolina Kanjilal Gary Sutkin The Pursuit of Error-Free Surgery
Shrusti Mehta  Paula Nichols Molecular and Cellular consequences of Necrotizing Enterocolitis on neurodevelopment
 Nikitha Potturi David Mundy Fetal Structural Cardiac Disease: Maternal & Neonatal Outcomes
Hussain Rao  Peter Koulen Pharmacological control of oxidative stress-mediated effects on endocannabinoid signaling
Alisha Shah  Peter Koulen The role of MAPKs in innate immune system signaling in age-related macular degeneration pathogenesis
Garth Sherman  Fariha Shafi The effectiveness of BCG after local radiation therapy for Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
Siddhant Thukral  Paul Reicherter Serum Zonulin levels as measured during a Psoriasis Flare
Jeremy Provance (graduate student) Kim Smolderen Studying Amputations in the Cerner Health Facts Database: Overlap with Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes, and Prognostic Outcomes
Student Mentor Project Title
Carlee Oakley Michael Wacker The Effects of Trimethylamine-N-oxide on Cardiovascular Function
Luke He Yun Yan New Insight into Fructose and Retinopathy: Potential Adjunct Treatment with Meformin
Imran Nizamuddin Peter Koulen Pharmacological control of endocannabinoid signaling pathways as a strategy for neuroprotective therapy development
Muhammed Alikhan Rebecca Pauly Achieving blood pressure control through patient engagement in a safety-net hospital; feasibility study of a hypertension education program
Ara Staab Lakshmi Venkitachalam Adapting the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet in urban African-American communities: a feasibility study
Jacob Lee Sherwin Chan Sensitivity and Specificity of Abdominal Ultrasound in Diagnosing Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants: A Meta-Analysis
Sal Vanam Peter Koulen Effects of extended storage on cell biological properties, structure and function of cornea tissue
Hunter Faris John Wang Regulation of Src Family Protein Kinases in the Rat Striatum by Muscarinic Acetylcholine M4 Receptor
Katherine Suman Peter Koulen  The role of innate immune system signaling pathways in glaucoma pathogenesis
Jessica Kieu Prakash Chandra Maternal-fetal reactions to acute emotional stress in prenatal depressed mothers: correlations with fetal biomagnetometry measures
Shipra Singh Shui Ye  The Effect of NAAA Gene Expression on Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity
Visal Thumar Sherwin Chan Visualizing the Difference between Life and Death: A Comparison of Liver Ultrasound Findings in Children with Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome After Bone Marrow Transplantation
Komal Kumar  Prakash Chandra Pregnant Women with Previous Mental Health Disorders and Behavior During Ultrasound
Student Mentor Project Title
Ahsan Hussain Peter Koulen Medicinal chemistry approaches to achieving pharmacological control of endocannabinoid signaling pathways for therapy development in glaucoma
Hima Veeramachaneni Dr. Betty Drees Evaluating Medical Student Pre-Diabetes Knowledge Before and After Implementation of Educational Intervention in the Ambulatory Care Setting
Gustavo Vilchez-Lagos Marin Maldonado Psychosocial Markers of Mental Health Disorders and Adverse Outcomes in Pregnant Women
Kayla B. Briggs Farzad Alemi The Impact of the Formation of a Hepatopancreatobiliary Cancer Treatment Center of Excellence at a VA Medical Center
Brooks Kimmis Mingui Fu Effects of Ebola Virus Glycoproteins on MCPIP1 Expression in Macrophages
Danielle Cunningham Lisa Hutchison Neuroadiologic Characteristics of Astroblastoma and Systematic Review of the Literature:  2 New Cases and 125 Cases Reported in 59 Publications
Megan Lilley Peter Koulen Retinal vessel caliber and progression of dry to wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Nidhi Reddy Nilo Qureshi Targeting Proteasome Inhibition as Drug Therapy for Septic Shock
Omar Qayum Geetha Raghuveer Lipoprotein (a) Elevation and Vascular Health in Children with Dyslipidemia
Ravali Gummi Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in Ca2+ channel expression and protein-protein interactions with calsenilin by retinal ganglion cells in glaucoma
Taran Gill Mike Wacker Mechanism of Clofibrate-Induced Cardiac Contractility
Student Mentor Project Title
Gaurav Anad Peter Koulen Pharmacological control of oxidative stress-mediated effects on endocannabinoid
Dorothy Daniel Mike Wacker Alteration of Cardiac FGF23 Expression By Inflammatory Cytokines
Shilpa Babbar (graduate student) Dev Maulik Acute Fetal Response to Prenatal Yoga:  A Single Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial (TRY Yoga Study)
Siri Kommareddy Mike Wacker The Neurodegenerative Role of ATP in glaucoma
Halee Patel Mike Wacker Effects of a hybrid FGF23 molecule on nitric oxide levels in endothelial cells
Bob Song Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in Ca2+ channel expression and protein-protein interactions with Homer by RGCs in optic neuritis
Student Mentor Project Title
Gautam Anand Geetha Raghuveer Effects of Second-Hand smoke Exposure on Vasculature in Children with Dyslipidemia
Vijit Couhan Akin cil Anatomic Description and Function of the Oblique Band of the Annular Ligament in the Human Elbow
William Enochs Emily Hillman Exploring Paramedic-Physician Handoff Communication:  A Mixed Methods Study
Chelsea Shapland Mike Wacker The Protective Function of Gentamicin FGF23-mediated Changes in Cardiac Function
Kartik Sreepada Xiangping Chu The effects of illumination on VNUT expression in zebrafish retina
Janet Ross (graduate student) Lakshmi Venkitachalam Short-term cost savings through preventin of unintended pregnancies-does Title X matter?
Merill Thomas Peter Koulen Differential calcium channel expressions under oxidative stress in retinal neurons’ Echinacoside as a potential neuroprotectant
Christopher Schiavo Carol Stanford Test of the Antimcrobial Properties of Cucumis sativus and Citrus limon Topical Preparation and Essential Oils Against Propionbacteria acnes
Comron Hassanzadeh Xiangping Chu Regulation of locomotor activity to amphetamine in acid-sensing ion channel 1a and 2 in adult mice
Jasmine Singh Geetha Raghuveer Relationship between Vitamin D and high sensitivity C-reactive protein and its Effect on Vascular Function and Structure in Dyslipidemic Children
Kaitlin Vogt Carol Stanford Preliminary Clinical Test on Topical Preparation of Cucumis sativus and Citrus limon Cleanser for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
Shreena Patel Betty Herndon Does Curcumin Enhance the Apoptoic Effect of Taxol in the A549 Human Lung Adenocarcinoma cell line
Richa Sutaria Salvatore Stella Ontogeny of the purinergic synapses versus excitatory and inhibitory synapses in the mammalian retina
Stephanie Koch (graduate student) Mary Gerkovich A Qualitative Investigation of Patietns’ Translational Stages of Engagement in HIV-Related Medical Care
Stephanie Markey (graduate student) Karen WIlliams A comparison of ADRR scores in very young, school-age, and adolescent children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 
Student Mentor Project Title
Shreya Lankala Betty Herndon Cytokines in Asthma:  Measuring Effects on Human Pulmonary Fibroblasts
Niharika Rath Kristen Voos The Period of PURPLE Crying
Katherine Shortt (graduate student) Shui Ye Identification of Coding Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in acute respiratory distress syndrome
Tiffany Mao Mike Wacker Expression of FGF Receptors in a Mouse Model of Chronic Kidney Disease
Laura Schoeneberg Geetha Raghuveer Outcomes Following Prolonged ECMO Support in Children with Cardiac Disease-ELSO (Extracoporeal Life Support Organization) Registry Study
Blake Montgomery Peter Koulen Disease-mediated changes in Ca2+ channel expression and protein-protein interactions with Homer by RGCs in glaucoma
Nishika Muddasani Salvatore Stella Conditions of illumination influence the expression of purines in the outer retina
Vritti Gupta Lakshmi Venkitachalam Patients’ understanding of hypertension and perceived barriers to risk factors control: a mixed-methods approach to examining care at the Sojourner Free Health Clinic
Scott Helgeson Daniel Margolin A Retrospective Analysis for Indications and outcomes of Temporal Artery Biopsy for Temporal Arteritis
Laalasa Varanasi Betty Herndon The Relationship Between Asthma and IgG Response to Helicobacter pylori
Rohan Bandara (graduate student) Lakshmi Venkitachalam Understanding the Relationship Between Barriers to Timely Primary Care and Emergency Department Utilization across Insurance Categories – Report from the National Health Interview Survey (1999-2011)
Erica Heitman (graduate student) Lakshmi Venkitachalam The Utility of Umbilical Doppler in Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
Student Mentor Project Title
Brandon Carney Mike Wacker Effects of FGF23 on Intracellular Calcium Levels in Cardiomyocytes
Pratik Sandesara Geetha Raghuveer Relationship Between Serum High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Level, Vitamin D, and Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness and Arterial Disensibility Index Among Pediatric Population
Hassan Rao Colleen Reisz Is there a relationship between neonatal and maternal biometric and the severity and persistence of acne into adulthood?
Himanshu Banda Angela Barnett Greater Kansas City:  An Assessment of the Sojourner Free Health Clinic Population
Chanakyaram Reddy Simon Kaja Calcium Dysfunction in the Preclinical Model for Migraine
Brandon Elder Mingui Fu A Bone marrow Study:  The relation between MCPIP1 and the production of pre-immune cells in response to cellular stress
Asha Nookala Betty Herndon The Beneficial Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Oxidant of Curcumin on ob/ob mice
Vanessa Smith Geetha Raghuveer Non-Fasting and Fasting Lipid Panels in High-Risk Dyslipidemic Children
Anne Shah Simon Kaja Assay evelopment for drug screening in primary astrocyte culture
Arfaa Ali Betty Herndon Adipocytokines of OB/OB Leptin-deficient Mice
Bhavani Pokala Jon Andresen siRNA Knockdown of TRPML Channels in MOVAS Cells
Emily Kahn Alok De Placenta Regional Variation in the Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors, Its Receptors and Placental Growth Factor in Fetal Growth Restriciton
John Loftus Jon Andresen Expression and Localization of TRMPL Channels
Neal Akhave Caroline Rinaldi Determination of nutritional Status of Isle Royal moose through changes in Dentine Incremental lines
Prasanthi Kandula Peter Koulen Distribution and function of polycystin-2 in mouse retinal ganglion cells
Ruby Parikh Simon Kaja Effects of oxidative stress on endocannabinoid signaling pathways
Tina Khaleghi Betty Herndon Expression of CD24 in Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung
Tosan Oyowe Betty Herndon Pulmonary and Abdominal White Fat Inflammation in Obese, Leptin Knock-out Mice
Student Mentor Project Title
Ann Marie Melokaran Hitendra Patel Circulating Tumor Cells in Melanoma
Adil Akthar Mike Wacker Elucidating the Mechanism of Thromboxane-Induced Calcium Entry in HL-1 Cardiac Myocytes
Chris Reams Gurmukh Singh Analysis of Health Care Profesionals’ Keyboards, Pagers, and ID Badges as Potential Sources of Nosocomial Infections
Frank Xing Xianping Chu Effects of amiloride on behavioral plasticity to cocaine
Julia Frisenda Betty Herndon Effects of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on p53 Tumor Supressor Gene
Jason Edwards Gurmukh Singh A retrospective analysis of appropriateness and rationale for thrombophilia panel orders in a metropolitan hospital
Nicholas Patonai Geetha Raghuveer Changes in the diameter of the carotid artery during the cardiac cycle and its relation to the change in the CIMT during the cardiac cycle
Nida Faheem Betty Herndon Effects of Persisten Carbon Nanotube Exposure on Release of Mesothelioma Marker Mesthelin
Nikoo Cheraghi Geetha Raghuveer Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 Concentrations and Carotid Artery Intima-media Thickness Among Pediatric Population
Sarah Cantrell Betty Herndon Tumor Marker Study in Nanoparticle Stress Human Cells in Culture
Student Mentor Project Title
Eric Burns Kimberly Brown Patient Specific Risk Prediction for Enhanced Informed Consent in General Surgery
Kaitlin Hoover Gerard Malnar A Randomized Clinical Trial in Reduce Post Cesarean Delivery Surgical Site Infection with Extended Spectrium Antibiotics Prophylaxis
Kristin C. Burns Gyongjun Liu Evaluation of Bending Strength Index (BSI) of the Femoral neck in Caucasions, African-Americans, and Chinese
Neeti Desai Peter Koulen Progressive Change of Voltage-Gated Ca2+ Channel (VGCC) Expression Levels in Glaucoma
Sri Krishna Alapati Kristin Kickernscher Isotropic Proton Density Weighted Sequences for Evaluation of Femoral Head Location Post Spica Casting
Alexandra Sneed Alok De Angiopoetin 2 Associated with Fetal Growth Restriction
Anant Kharod Geetha Raghuveer Effects of Blood Pressure on Left Ventricular Mass Index in Children Background and Rationale
Abigail Shniter Tyler Muffy A Model to Predict Success of matchin in the Gynecological Subspecialty Fellowship
Kathleen Do Betty Herndon Investigation of nanoparticle Injection of Mesothelioma Markers in Human Cells Culture
Amy Patel Gerard Malnar Personality and Psychological Assessment of Early Breast Carcinoma Patients in the Selection of Mastectomy versus Breast Conservation
Charmi Vijapura Betty Herndon The Role of the Mast Cells in Triolein Induced Fat Embolism
Krushangi Patel Mike Wacker Effect of Aspirin on Thromboxane A2 Receptor Expression in Cardiac Myocytes
Mohammed Paracha Betty Herndon Use of Nanoparticles to Produce a Model of Mesothelial Injury:  Will I be Able to Produce Early Markers for Mesothelioma in Tissue Culture
Ramandeep Babbra Betty Herndon Expression of B Cell lymphoma (BCL-6) and cyclin D. Antines in Human Colon Adenocarcinoma
Vikas Patel Jon Andresen Contribution of Reactive Oxygen Species to Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Hypertrophy
Student Mentor Project Title
Ben Favier Jon Andresen siRNA Knockdown on TRAAK in A7r5 Cells
Heather Florence Geetha Raghuveer Comparison of CIMT over time in Obese Children with Multiple Ahterosclerosis promoting Risk Factors
Luv Singh Patricia Kelly Dating Violence and the Influence of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement
Megan Mayer Patricia Kelly Violence in Dating Relationships and the Influence of Sports Participation
Omer Mirza Mike Wacker The Effects of PPARa Agonists on Cardiac Myocyte Contractility
Allison Glass Tyler Muffly Assessment of mail reminder system on human papillomavirus vaccination compliance
Jennifer Distasio Tyler Muffly To evaluate tensile strength of three commonly usedc sutures when suture ends were cut to three lengths
Mark Winston Tarak Srivastava Urinary Prostaglandins E2 in Obese Subjects
Valerie-Sue Emuakhagbon Geetha Raghuveer Comparing CIMT in Children with Genetic Risk Factors versus Environmental Risk Factors
Student Mentor Project Title
Anupama Nookala Betty Herndon Exendin-4 on GLP-1 Receptors and Secretions in Brain versus Intestins
Keziah Sulley Ashim Mitra Trans-scleral Delivery of Avastin Using Nanoparticules for the Treatment of Age Related macular Degeneration-Developing an Alternative Route for Avastin Delivery
Pareen Mehta Betty Herndon Antimicrobial Fractions from NeutrophilsD)