Students select representatives for 2011-2012

The Office of Student Affairs announced that School of Medicine students have selected their various representatives for the 2011-2012 school year. Representatives for the upcoming year are:

Council on Curriculum — Adil Akthar, MS 4; Julia Frisenda, MS 5
Docent Council — (Blue) Sameer Alvi, MS 4; (Gold) Raza Hasan, MS 3; (Red) Neha Rajkanan, MS 5; (Green) Craig Raphael, MS 3
Council on Evaluation: Erin Burns, MS 5; Adam Fledderman, MS 4
Council on Selection: Noor Abu Alnadi, MS 4; Kelsee Leisner, MS 5
ORS Rep: Ali Hasan, MS 5; Kathleen Doo, MS 5 (alternate); Mani Javvaji, MS 5 (alternate)
Student Government Association Senators: Sagar Patel, MS 2; Shubra Srinivas, MS 4
Student Activity Fee Committee Members:
Niraj Kothari, S 4; Krishna Patel, MS 3 (alternate)

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