Town Hall Q&A 1/31/2022


Could we please have more elaboration on the difference between May 13 SOM graduation celebration and the May 14/15 school-wide commencement? Which event will include hooding by docents, which event will include our names called/walking across stage, which event do we recite the Oath, and which date do we legally become physicians (i.e. on diploma)?


  • The May 13 School of Medicine celebration event will include events specific to our medical school, including reciting the Oath of Physicians and being hooded.  At the event, you will be recognized and walk across the stage.
  • The University commencement ceremony will occur on May 15.  Student names will be read and you will walk across the stage.  The University ceremony is the official commencement ceremony, and your degree is conferred at this event so your diploma date will read May 15.