Town Hall Q&A 6/28/2021


How do the SOM and our clinical affiliate sites work together to develop and implement values and address issues related to diversity among its faculty and staff?  How do the SOM and clinical affiliates address student concerns related to unprofessional behavior they witness from peers, staff or faculty? 


The SOM and our clinical affiliates all have core values that embrace diversity, engaging and learning from others different from ourselves, demonstrating kindness and compassion, exhibiting professional behavior and providing a welcoming learning environment.   The SOM seeks faculty, staff and student feedback to address concerns, has expanded the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and created the Office of Learning Environment.  The Diversity Council has representation from faculty, staff and students from the SOM and our clinical affiliates in order to enhance and promote collaboration. Several endeavors, including expansion of the Expect Respect workshops and the development of Project Expect Respect and Project PEAK websites are designed to educate as well as gather and share information to meet our values.  These educational workshops have been provided to faculty, fellows and residents, and student sessions will occur in the upcoming academic year.  An Anti-Racism and Cultural Bias Program has been created to be provided to faculty and students throughout the current curriculum.  The SOM administration works closely with the administrations of our clinical affiliates to address concerns and share information that aligns with our values. 

Individuals who struggle with the core values of the University, SOM or our clinical affiliates are provided education, individualized guidance, and counseling per the process outlined in our Teacher Learner policy.  It is important to share information about concerns that do not align with the core values or professional behavior expectations of our institutions, as identifying and sharing concerns is the first step in addressing concerns.  Any student, staff or faculty can report a concern here: