Town Hall Q&A Week of 5/3/2021

In place of the weekly student Town Halls, Drs. Pirani and Rogers will answer questions in writing for the foreseeable future.  Please send us your questions weekly, and we’ll respond!  (Feel free to contact us individually for specific student-related questions.)

Announcement for Year 6 students

        Although commencement occurs on May 15th, block 13 does not end until May 28th.   Curriculum council guidelines stipulate that students attend a minimum of 20 eight-hour days or 160 hours of a clinical elective in order to receive credit.  For students on an elective, please plan to return to your educational responsibilities after the commencement ceremony.

    Specifically for weekly continuity clinic, your responsibilities end on Friday, May 14th.  Your only responsibilities remaining after the May 15th Commencement is to your block 13 elective.