Town Hall Questions 4/18/22

Your questions highlight student needs and allow us the opportunity to assist you, so keep them coming.

Questions (these two are similar): 

Is it possible to get unit printers? The library isn’t able to print necessary documents from powerchart and does not open early enough for certain rotations. We have also been told by nurses we are not allowed to use the computers in the hospitals to print because they are meant for nursing. Thank you! 

Can we have printers in all units for equity?  The library is not open early enough for some rotations (doro, surgery) and personal printers are expensive.  Printing in the hospital is difficult, for example one printer is only printing on prescription paper. 


Thank you for sharing these questions!  My apologies that it took two weeks to answer these questions, but they generated a robust discussion about how we best create this service for you all.  Student affairs has contacted the IT department for the school and requested that student printers be placed in accessible areas in the medical school for your use at any time.  The IT department has been very responsive, and is working on obtaining printers for installation as soon as they can get them.


Can we replace the filter for the water bottle filler on 3rd floor SOM by the MSA room please? It’s been in the “red zone” since January. Thank you!


The facilities department wants a replacement filter just like the rest of us!  The filters are on backorder – and have been so since January, when the request for a new one was submitted.   We checked for an update this week and learned that the filters have not yet arrived.  Our need is on the list, so we’ll get one installed as soon as they arrive. 


This is from Dr. Rogers, Dr. Jones, Dr. Walker, and Dean Jackson, who want to remind the Year 6 students that you must finish your educational endeavors in order to graduate.  That seems obvious, but the distraction of preparing for internship, completing licensure paperwork, and planning for July seems to interfere with someone’s educational requirements each year, putting their graduation in jeopardy.  You must complete all degree requirements to graduate.  That means attending ambulatory clinic until May 12, attending your clinical rotation, completing your coursework, etc.  Student affairs and curriculum are here to help you if you have any questions or conflicts.  Let’s finish strong!