UM System provides analysis of potential reduction in federal funding

The University of Missouri-Kansas City stands to lose more than $2.8 million in federal funding should the federal government’s automatic deficit reduction mechanism, a part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, take effect on Jan. 2, 2013, according to the University of Missouri System.

The figures released in a Sequestration Analysis by the UM System’s Government Relations Office estimate an overall FY 2013 reduction of more than $25 million to key areas of the UM System including federally supported research, student aid and heath care.

The report indicates research funding could face direct reductions in the number of available grants, smaller grant awards, or elimination of new awards. Student aid cuts would likely come in the form of reductions in work-study funding, while hospitals and physicians would see lower Medicare reimbursement rates, the study says.

The figures were based on an 8.4 percent reduction from FY 2011 expenditures of federal funding.

Click here to download the full Sequestration Analysis.

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