UMKC students co-author abstracts selected for presentation at Experimental Biology

Six medical students from the School of Medicine are co-authors of research abstracts or posters that have been accepted for presentation at the 2018 Experimental Biology meeting this spring in San Diego.

Experimental Biology is an annual invitation-only meeting of five scientific societies made up of more than 14,000 scientists who focus on anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

Elizabeth Onishchenko, fourth-year student, is the second author of an abstract selected for a poster and oral presentation. The abstract is Minimal Effect of Aliskiren on Mast Cells Count and Renal Vascular Damage in Acute Rat Model of Triolein Induced Pulmonary Fat Embolism. Authors are Farnaz Khalafi, Onishchenko, Mohammad Pour, Daud Arif, Paula Monaghan, Alan Poisner and Agustino Molteni.

Fourth-year students Thomas Haferkamp and Taylor Lind are co-authors of the poster, Mast Cell Heterogeneity in Rat Lungs in a Model of Fat Embolism After Treatment with Drugs Related to the Renin Angiotensin System. Authors are Ahsan Siddiqi, Saba Siddiqi, Dauod Arif,  Haferkamp,  Lind, Mohammad Pour, Paula Monaghan, Soheila Hamidpour and Agostino Molteni.

Michael Van Dillen and Ariana Fotouhi are fourth-year students who co-authored Pulmonary Cell Stained in a Rat Model of Fat Embolism for Renin and Prorenin are Increased After Aliskiren Treatment, Which Ameliorates the Fat-Induced Inflammatory Process. Poster authors include Ethar Al-Husseinawai, Jordan Dane Colson,  Van Dillen,  Fotouhi, Mohammad Asan, Lucille White, Mohammed Pour, Daud Arif, Paula Monaghan, Alan Poisner, Agostino Molteni.

Abigail Spaedy, fourth-year student, is a co-author of the poster, Mast Cell Numbers of Rat Lungs in an Acute Model of Fat Embolism are Reduced by Aliskiren and Losartan But Not By Captopril. Authors of the poster include Dauod Arif, DayneVoelker, Spaedy, Soheila Hamidpour, Alan Poisner, Mohammad Pour, Paula Monaghan, Farnaz Khalafi, Agostino Molteni.

Experimental Biology takes place in San Diego, California, on April 21-25.