Office of Diversity & Community Parntership

New Program for High School Students

UMKC School of Medicine has partnered with the National Youth Forum on Medicine (NYF-MED) to provide a ten day residential summer enrichment program for high-achieving high school students interested in medicine. The program will be offered from July 21 through July 30, 2013.

You can access more information about the program and how to register through the following link:

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The School of Medicine believes that a vibrant and diverse institutional climate is essential to medical education and a work environment that promotes the effective delivery of health care in diverse communities. A diverse learning and working environment is comprised of , but is not limited, to differences in racial and ethnic origin, socioeconomic background, rural and urban communities, geographic origins, academic backgrounds, as well as both men and women who can contribute to the process of medical education through different personal experiences such as overcoming hardship, demonstrating extensive involvement within the community, possessing multilingual abilities, and /or exhibiting different life experiences that may contribute to achieving diversity.

The Medical School established a diversity office in October 1980. Currently, the Office of Diversity and Community Partnership is led by the SOM, who works closely with students, faculty and staff to promote programs and initiatives that support diversity and inclusion. The goals of the office include:

  • To promote policies, initiatives and resources that establish an environment of success of for all, including underrepresented students and faculty.
  • To increase the diversity of students and faculty through recruitment, retention and faculty and student development activities.
  • To strengthen connections between the medical school and community it serves through service learning, research and other collaborative opportunities.
  • By encouraging initiatives that promote cultural and linguistic competency in teaching, learning and healthcare delivery.

Equity & Access

The UMKC School of Medicine adheres to all policies adopted and approved by the University of Missouri Board of Curators. Moreover, we are committed to fostering a positive learning environment for all. Should you, a friend, or colleague have a concern about the learning or work environment, there are resources available to assist you.