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The Medical Student Research Program was developed to instill in University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine students a sense of scientific curiosity and excitement about the benefits of research.

Research can be an important part of medical education. Insights gained through the approach to research and its techniques helps prepare physicians to continue their education independently after leaving medical school and residency. Students who conduct research are better able to determine whether it should be a component of their future medical careers.

The School of Medicine faculty encourages students to participate in research projects in any field of interest. Commitment time can vary, from a summer rotation to a year or more depending on the opportunity.

If you are interested in being connected with a student research opportunity, please submit the Student Research Information Form to

Optional Research Funding

Sarah Morrison Award: The goal of the Sarah Morrison Award is to help students learn the value and application of research in the study and practice of medicine by providing funds (up to $1,500) to support the expenses of such research.


Presenting Research

Student Research Day: An annual event is held where students can showcase their research through poster and oral presentations. Several cash prizes are awarded based on excellence. (Download the 2016 Poster Template – .ppt)

Required Research Certifications

It is the responsibility of the students’ mentors to implement the requirements of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for studies involving animals and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Privacy Board (PB) as applicable, for studies involving human research subjects.  In addition, mentors and students are responsible for conducting their research in accordance within University and institutional affiliates’ research policies. Projects presented at a meeting or conference must reference the appropriate IACUC, IRB, and/or PB review and approval.


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