Salaries, Benefits & Features



For current salaries and a listing of anesthesiology residency benefits, visit the GME web site.

Note: This information is subject to change without notice.

Additional Benefits

  • Meeting attendance: Beginning in the CA-1 year each resident attends at least one anesthesiology National meeting during their residency and receives $1,200 yearly towards books or meetings.
  • Presentations at Regional and National Meetings
  • PGY- 1 Residents receive $300.00 Tech Credit
  • Core Textbooks are provided at the PGY-1 and CA-1 levels.
  • Throughout the CA-1 year, residents participate in a resident focused Patient Safety Process Improvement Program
  • Night call: Averages every 5th night in the CA-1 year, every 6th night in the CA-2 year and every 7th night in the CA-3 year
  • Housing: Reasonable cost housing is close to the three hospitals. Most residents rent or buy apartments, condominiums or houses located within a 10-25 minute drive.
  • Transportation: A car is essential for residents to meet their transportation needs. Free parking is provided at Truman Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Hospital and Children’s Mercy
  • Meals: Residents receive $75.00/month for meals while at Saint Luke’s
  • Lab coat allowance: Residents receive two monogrammed lab coats their first year. Residents also receive a monogrammed fleece jacket.
  • Leave of Absence Policy complies with Federal “Family Medical Leave Act.”
  • Discounted membership to UMKC/SLH Health Club
  • Anesthesia Resident Academic Resource Center (ARC) located at Saint Luke’s Hospital.  The ARC is complete with computers, core text books and conference facilities.  The Majority of the core lecture series conferences are conducted in the ARC
  • New renovated resident calls rooms, resident lounge and Medical Education Center is centrally located within the hospital