Clinical Training Facility

Catalog Search Guide

How to search the Experiential Learning Center’s Collection

Online Access to Lectures:

UMKC School of Medicine provides online access to internally recorded lectures via the Experiential Learning Center’s online catalog. A direct link to the catalog can be found at:

You can also access the catalog by visiting the School of Medicine’s website at: . A menu is located at the bottom of every page.  Under “Academic Resources” you will find “Medical Education Media Center” listed.  Click on it. The following page will list “Links, Online Services and Courses.” Our catalog can be found on this list.

Note: Not all lectures given at the School of Medicine are accessible via the catalog, but the vast majority of recurring ones are. This list includes Grand Rounds as well as Noon Conferences. Below we offer some tips and tricks for locating specific lectures of interest.

Searching the Catalog:

The Experiential Learning Center’s catalog provides access to our entire collection. There are 4 different fields that can be searched, as well as an option to “find records if any fields match” or “find records if all fields match.” The kind of search you are conducting will determine your specific approach.

Title search: If you know the title of the item you are  looking for, enter it in this field. You can enter a partial title if you have this information, but if it is a common word or phrase, you may have a large list of results to sift through.

Author search: Author should be read as “speaker” in the context of the media center. The majority of the time you are entering information in this field you will be attempting to locate a particular lecture or all of the lectures by a particular speaker.

Year Published:  It may be useful to search for a particular year if you are interested in a resource with several editions. You will often want to get your hands on the most recent publication. The friendly staff at the Experiential Learning Center can also assist you with this.

Subject Search: Think of the subject search as a keyword search. This is the place to enter the name of the discipline you are studying, the type of resource you are looking for, etc

A note on finding records if any fields match vs finding records if all fields match: The more specific your search, the fewer number of results you can expect to receive. A very general search will give you more results, but they may not be what you are looking for. If you are determined to find out if we have a model of the brachial plexus, you’re going to want to enter all of this information. If you feel like browsing our available models, you can simply enter “model.”

Try entering the type of resource you are looking for in the title field and a description of what that resource covers in the subject field. Be sure to select “Find records if all fields match” and then click Search.