Clinical Training Facility

Medical Student Electives

UMKC SOM Year 4-6 medical students are eligible to enroll in one of our 4-week simulation electives (pass-fail).  The purpose of these electives is to foster future clinician-educators with skills and expertise in simulation-based health professions education and research.

Elective Goals:
  1. Explain the theoretical basis, benefits and limitations of simulation-based medical education.
  2. Design a simulation scenario guided by well-defined and measurable learning objectives.
  3. Demonstrate basic prebriefing and debriefing skills while leading a simulation scenario.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of simulation resources (personnel, facilities, and equipment) within the university.
  5. Demonstrate basic competency in developing and executing scholarly activity in the realm of simulation-based medical education.

Our 4-week simulation electives will assist medical students with obtaining the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to design and execute a basic immersive simulation. Students will participate in ongoing simulation events and learn through project-based coursework.  Students will have the opportunity to develop basic skills in educational scholarship and research in any of the following ways:

  • Submitting an IRB protocol,
  • Drafting a simulation scenario for submission for publication
  • participating in simulation-based research data collection.

If the student will be able to participate in data collection, analysis, and write-up for the given project or if the research is anticipated to be substantial during the block can be adjusted to a research elective.

Please contact Dr. Emily Hillman if you are interested or curious which elective you should enroll in.