Monica Gaddis, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor, Research Director
Department(s) of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Emergency Medicine
UMKC School of Medicine
Education and Background

Ph.D. - Indiana University - Bloomington
Fellowship - Indiana University School of Medicine

Meet Monica Gaddis
Selected Publications

Dobbins AB, Krumme J, Gaddis M, Park SH, Varghese M, Brancato MR, Shaw CM, Wambach K. Insurance Does Not Affect Adverse Events While Awaiting Surgery for Ankle Trauma in One System. WestJEM 2020-08-20 ISSN 1936-900X

Bao YK, Weide LG, Ganesan VC, Jakhar I, McGill JB, Sahil S, Gaddis M, Drees BM. High prevalence of comorbid autoimmune diseases in adults with type 1 diabetes from the HealthFacts database. J Diabetes. 2019; 11(4):273-279. doi:10.1111/1753-0407.12856

Grimstad FW, Stowell JT, Gaddis M. A survey of transgender and gender non-binary patient experiences during imaging encounters and opportunities for improvement. Am J of Roentgenology. [Accepted for Publication – Spring 2020]

Rumalla K, Srinivasan VM, Gaddis M, Kan P, Lawton MT, Burkhardt JK. Readmission following extracranial-intracranial bypass surgery in the United States: nationwide rates, causes, risk factors, and volume-driven outcomes. Journal of Neurosurgery [Accepted for Publication – Spring 2020]