Emergency Medicine

Residency: Welcome


Welcome to the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Emergency Medicine Residency where our motto is “Ex traditione, exellentia”, Latin for “from tradition, excellence”. Established in 1973, we are proud to have one of the oldest EM residency programs in the country. Being a well-established program doesn’t  mean we don’t change or evolve though; we strive to stay up to date and innovative.

The mission of our residency program is to cultivate compassionate and competent emergency medicine specialists through a comprehensive training program that focuses on the development of strong clinical skills, teamwork, and evidence- based medicine. Our primary teaching site, University Health-TMC, is an urban safety-net, Level 1 Trauma center with a diverse patient population. Residents also gain outstanding pediatric experience at nationally renowned Children’s Mercy Hospital. In short, we feel our residents are prepared to work and excel in any setting post-graduation; from high-volume trauma centers to rural sites, from academic to community settings.

One of our programs greatest strengths is its people; both faculty and residents. We attract residents who are bright, energetic, and highly motivated yet also maintain a friendly, laid back “Midwest” vibe. Our residents come from all regions and backgrounds to become a cohesive, tight-knit group who genuinely enjoy each other’s company, both at work and at play. The same can be said of our faculty, who are known for their dedication, approachability, and passion for teaching. Many of our faculty hold leadership roles both locally and nationally. We have multiple fellowship-trained faculty members, in the fields of Toxicology, Ultrasound, Administration, and EMS. Our department is also fortunate to have a PhD Research Director and three Research Coordinators. We are also excited to now offer a Medical Education Fellowship!

Other unique features of our program include multiple opportunities for teaching and an emphasis placed on feedback. Residents have opportunities to teach a variety of learners in multiple settings including clinical, didactic, and simulation. We feel strongly that a resident can’t improve without knowing what to work on, therefore we are committed to providing frequent and meaningful feedback. Residents have a strong voice in our department; they sit on multiple committees, and we value the feedback they provide regarding their education. Adaptions to our curriculum and rotations often occur based on their feedback.

Kansas City is a special place to live; many say it is a big city with a small-town feel. I like to think that our residency program is similar; we work at a high-volume urban trauma center, yet we also foster an atmosphere of community and family that the Midwest is known for. In these past few years of uncertainty and change, our faculty and residents’ commitment  and teamwork continue to inspire and humble me. As an applicant, we know you have many choices and big decisions to make; thank you for taking the time to learn about our program.

Amy Stubbs, M.D.
Amy Stubbs, M.D.
Amy Stubbs M.D.
Associate Professor
Residency Program Director

Emily Hillman M.D., MHPE
Associate Professor
Associate Program Director
Director Medical Education/ Simulation Fellowship
Director UMKC SOM Clinical Training Facility
Kevin O’Rourke M.D.
Associate Professor
Associate Program Director
Clinical Operations Director

Melanie Camejo M.D.
Assistant Professor
Assistant Program Director
Clerkship Director