Meet the Residents

In Their Own Words

I was immediately impressed by the passion the residents had for serving their patients and the enthusiasm they had for learning. I loved that here there is an emphasis to constantly improve—improve the program, improve the training, improve the quality of patient care, improve yourself. That translates into an environment that fosters personal growth and will challenge and encourage me to develop into the best person I can be and the best physician I can be. The program’s unique approaches to quality, technology, efficiency, servant leadership, along with dedication to patient-centeredness and care of the underserved made me realize that I CAN have everything I value in a program. ” Aniesa Slack, MD

“I chose UMKC because it had everything I was looking for in a Family Medicine program. It was an unopposed program in a community hospital setting, which I feel better prepares physicians to practice the full scope of medicine. The program is also dually accredited, which creates the opportunity to become more proficient with OMM in all clinical settings. The program is innovative, constantly improving from direct resident feedback, and provides exceptional training. Most importantly, while rotating with the program as a 4th year medical student, I felt at home with the residents, faculty, and staff. Everyone is supportive, which creates a positive learning environment for the next 3 years of training.”
Gillian Housman, DO

“I chose UMKC family medicine for many reasons. It’s an unopposed residency program located at community-based hospital in Kansas City, MO. The environment at Truman Lakewood is very friendly and family oriented. The faculty and staff truly care about the resident’s well-being and education. Overall, UMKC provides the highest quality training, and I know that after completion of my family medicine residency, I will be able to provide the highest quality care to my patients.” Nick Miller, DO

“I chose UMKC FM residency because it offers the most comprehensive scope of training, particularly in obstetrics, while also holding residents to the highest standard of excellence in order to graduate fully competent, experienced family physicians.”
Annie Lewis, DO

“Upon finishing my interview day at UMKC, I knew it was going to be my top choice for residency. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming. It was apparent that the administration was supportive of the residency program. In addition, I was attracted by the extra training available in Integrative medicine, OMM, and business.”
Hailey Avila, DO

“I chose UMKC for countless reasons, but ultimately, after I spent a month at UMKC for an elective, I was so impressed with the faculty, the residents and the facilities at UMKC that I couldn’t really see myself anywhere else. The residents have a great amount of autonomy in an unopposed, community-based program with support from faculty that is composed mostly of Family Medicine docs.” Drew Glover, MD

“UMKC Family Medicine is truly a unique residency being a primarily Family Medicine staffed, unopposed, university-affiliated, long-standing community program. Residents are encouraged and expected to independently treat patients with the supervision and support of top-tier faculty. The welcoming feeling of the program along with incredible camaraderie of the residents was evident the first time I entered the hospital. Specialists truly treat residents and students as colleagues and are just a hallway away.”
Kevin Gray, MD

“My father was one of the first graduates of the Family Medicine residency program at UMKC. He is one of the best and most respected physicians I know and his education plays very large role in that.” Allison Critchlow, DO

“I loved the community feel of the hospital, but also liked having the support of a university as well. In addition, I liked the opportunities to really practice full spectrum medicine, with strong pediatrics and maternity/OB training so that I can come out a well-equipped physician.”  Colleen Quinn, MD

“When I visited UMKC I was impressed by the caliber of the residents, the commitment to serving those in need, and the full-spectrum of practice available. There was a feeling of excitement amongst the residents and faculty, and a mission of improvement and change that made this program an easy first choice!” Rachel Seymour, MD

“While visiting UMKC’s Family Medicine Residency, I felt at home and knew that my potential would be greatest here. ” Chad Sharky, DO

“When I did my rotation at UMKC family medicine as a 4th year medical student I could see not only how much the residents enjoyed the program, but also how complete the education that they received was. I was amazed at how many procedures each resident is able to do, and I believe that my training at UMKC family medicine will prepare me for all of the facets of medicine that I wish to practice.” Emily Grewe-Nelson, DO