Health & Life Sciences

UMKC translational research

Translational research, often called “from bench-to-bedside” research, means taking basic scientific discoveries and converting them into treatments and cures for disease.

In health sciences, UMKC has developed widely recognized strengths in areas such as:

    • Bone biology and mineralized tissue
    • Vision research
    • Pharmacology and drug delivery
    • Injury treatment and prevention
    • Women’s and children’s health
    • Health outcomes

UMKC medical research is focused on chronic health issues that impact large numbers of our citizens. We have a particular focus on illnesses that affect children and the elderly; and often have a disproportionate effect on minority populations. These chronic illnesses take lives, cause human suffering, and are extremely expensive to treat. They include heart disease, asthma, diabetes, glaucoma, osteoporosis, obesity and addiction. The UMKC Center of Excellence in Dental and Musculoskeletal Tissues is a world leader in the study of osteoporosis and other aging-related diseases involving breakdown of tissues. UMKC’s research in pharmacology and drug delivery is making significant contributions to the evolving science of personalized medicine, custom-designing treatments to each patient’s unique situation, all the way down to the genetic level. UMKC health outcomes researchers are global experts in bioinformatics, the combination of computer science and medical science that helps pinpoint the most effective treatments for specific illnesses by analyzing the outcomes of thousands of case histories.

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