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Welcome to the website for the Department of Medicine at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine.

The University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine is an educationally-innovative medical school, and the Department of Medicine is central to our educational program.  The majority of our medical students enter the program after secondary school and will earn both baccalaureate and medical degrees in six years.  Students and Department of Medicine faculty are organized in small academic units called docent teams composed of twelve students and one faculty member (docent).  This docent system emphasizes collegiality and a team approach to learning and patient care.  The School of Medicine also accepts a smaller number of post-baccalaureate students into its M.D. only program.  Those students are also organized into small academic teams headed by Department of Medicine faculty.

The docent teams are academic families that provide a unique four year learning experience with early clinical exposure under the tutelage of a single member of the faculty from the Department of Medicine.

The Department of Medicine offers accredited post-graduate training programs (residencies and fellowships) in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease (including subspecialties of Interventional Cardiology and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology), Critical Care Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Medical Oncology, and Pulmonary Medicine. You may learn more about our post-graduate programs at

The Department of Medicine at UMKC utilizes two clinical campuses for its teaching programs, Saint Luke’s Hospital and University Health Centers.

Saint Luke’s Hospital is a leading health care institution with a strong tradition of excellence in patient care and medical teaching for over one hundred years.  Saint Luke’s is a tertiary medical center and in particular houses outstanding clinical and research programs in cardiovascular medicine, oncology and neurology.  You will find more information concerning Saint Luke’s at

University Health Truman Medical Center (previously Kansas City General Hospital) has provided excellent medical care and medical education for over 125 years. University Health Truman Medical Center is proud of its role as the safety net hospital for Kansas City and Jackson County, Missouri.  The Department of Medicine provides the majority of inpatient and ambulatory visits for the patients of this busy urban hospital.  The Department of Medicine provides primary care internal medicine as well as a wide array of subspecialties all in an academic, patient-centered environment.  You may learn more about University Health Truman Medical Center at

The Department of Medicine is involved in both basic and clinical research, but its emphasis is on clinical research directed at improving health outcomes.  Two programs in particular typify that goal – the Cardiovascular Education and Outcomes Research program of the Mid-America Heart Institute of Saint Luke’s Hospital and the Hicklin Office for Health Services and Public Health Outcomes Research program of UMKC centered at University Health Truman Medical Center.  These programs exemplify the Department of Medicine’s commitment to improving the health of our patients and our community through research.  We are committed in particular to improving disparities of health in traditionally underserved patient populations.

The Department of Medicine is a vibrant community of medical scholars working at two outstanding health care institutions under the UMKC School of Medicine banner. We strive to provide our patients, trainees, and the medical community with outstanding clinical care, teaching and clinical research. We as a department, and I personally, pledge to do this in a professional, collegial and open fashion, with a strong dedication to excellence and to the advancement of medical science.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to know us better. Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback using the button at the bottom of this page.

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Jill Moormeier, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine