M.D. Program

Applying for M.D. Admission

Group of studentsApplicants for admission to the UMKC School of Medicine M.D. program must submit all applications and application materials by August 1**. Students offered admission to the M.D. program will matriculate to the School of Medicine in January.

While out-of-state students are welcome to apply to the M.D. Program, preference and priority consideration is given to in-state students from the state of Missouri as well as to regional students from the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

** – please note: August 1st is the AMCAS verification deadline, as well as the UMKC General Application submission deadline. For all MD cycle deadlines, please refer to the Admissions Timeline tab on the left.

Step 1: American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

All applicants must apply through AMCAS. Please follow the instructions provided on the AMCAS application. Once the application has been verified by AMCAS, it will be sent to the medical schools to which you have applied. The AMCAS application must be submitted by July 1* and verified by August 1*. Official transcripts must be sent to AMCAS and received by July 15*. Any transcripts received after July 15 will not allow the AMCAS application to be processed. Letters of Recommendation must also be submitted through the AMCAS Letter of Recommendation Service by July 1*. Applications submitted to and verified by AMCAS earlier in the process will be reviewed first.


Official transcripts must be sent to AMCAS by July 15*. AMCAS will not transmit your application if transcripts are not received by July 15*. To prevent delays from occurring, you should use the AMCAS Transcript Request form when requesting that official transcripts be sent to AMCAS in support of your application. You can find this form in the Schools Attended section of the AMCAS application.

Letters of Recommendation

The School of Medicine participates in the AMCAS letter of recommendation program, and all letters of recommendation must be submitted through the AMCAS letter of recommendation service. Letters of recommendation sent directly to the School of Medicine will not be accepted or used in the admission process. It is recommended that letters come from those who can speak to your academic ability and other personal characteristics as they relate to medical school. Family members and/or friends of the family should not provide letters of recommendation. A minimum of three letters of recommendation is required. UMKC School of Medicine will accept committee letters completed by three of more individuals.

Official MCAT Scores

Applicants must sit for the MCAT by the end of June to guarantee an on-time review. For applicants selected for an interview, the July MCAT will be considered in the final review process.

Step 2: Secondary Application

All applicants must complete the secondary application, the General Application for Admission to UMKC. Applicants should not wait for a secondary invite in order to complete the General Application for Admission to UMKC. The application and $50 application fee must be submitted by August 1. For additional instructions, check out Steps for submitting the General App for the MD Only program.

Step 3: Supplemental Application (MD Student Portal)

All applicants must submit the School of Medicine Technical Standards. Applicants will receive a supplemental invite with information related to the electronic completion of the Technical Standards. Applicants will not receive the supplemental invite (UMKC MD portal) until after they have been verified by AMCAS.

By receiving the supplemental invite, students will have access to the UMKC student portal. In the UMKC student portal, students must complete a final submission of the supplemental application. The final submission cannot be completed until the letters of reference, Technical Standards and General Application for Admission to UMKC have been processed and marked as complete. Applicants can only complete the final submission after all application components are marked as complete in the UMKC student portal under the Supplemental Application tab. Please note: It may take  up to one week after submission of the General Application for Admission to UMKC before it is marked as complete.


After the review of all verified applications, the Council on Selection will determine which candidates are selected for an interview. If selected for an interview, candidates are required to be present at the date and time of the interview. All candidates invited to interview must interview in person at the School of Medicine. No phone interviews are permitted.

After all selected candidates have completed the interview process, the Council on Selection will extend offers of admission to those candidates who best qualify for the program. A holistic and individualized process is used when considering candidates, and selection is based on the core competencies of the School of Medicine. Candidates will be notified in writing of the School of Medicine’s decision.

*By 11:59 p.m. central time on date listed (if a deadline falls over a weekend, deadline is moved to next business day).