M.D. Program



M.D. students enter the medical program and enroll in the Human Structure Function series in January, remaining in the program for 52 consecutive four-week blocks. For students who wish to graduate in May of the final year, the program allows for up to five blocks of leave of absence. Students not interested in this option will graduate in December of their final year. The curriculum and graduation requirements for M.D. students are outlined below.

Year 1

Fundamentals of Medical Practice IV, Human Structure Function I, II, III, IV, History of Medicine, Clinical Correlations, Pathology I (General), Medical Neurosciences, Clinical Practice of Medicine I, Intro to Pharmacology (Self-Paced), Continuing Care Clinic (half-day weekly)

Year 2

Pathology II (General/Clinical), Medical Microbiology, Clinical Practice of Medicine II, Pharmacology, Behavioral Sciences in Medicine, Docent Rotation I, Family Medicine I, Ambulatory Care Pharmacology (Self-Paced), Continuing Care Clinic (half-day weekly), Patient-Physician-Society I and II

Year 3

Psychiatry, Prescribing for Special Populations (Self-Paced), Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Family Medicine II: Preceptorship, Surgery, Docent Rotation II, Continuing Care Clinic (half-day weekly), Elective, Humanities

Year 4

Docent Rotation III, Emergency Medicine, Rational and Safe Drug Prescribing (Independent Study), Continuing Care Clinic (half-day weekly), Electives*, Humanities

*Students may take six to seven electives in Year 4. They must choose three clinical electives from nine designated categories. One of these electives must also be a critical care elective.

 Graduation Requirements

Approval of each student’s curriculum plan is contingent on the following expectations:

  1. Continuous enrollment in the School of Medicine for 52 four-week blocks (including four blocks vacation).
  2. Four vacation blocks (one per 13-block period) during the 52 blocks of enrollment.
  3. Successful completion of 34 blocks of UMKC School of Medicine credit for graduation.
  4. Participation in Fundamentals of Medicine IV (MED 9220) concurrent with participation in Human Structure Function I, II, III.
  5. Enrollment in all required School of Medicine rotations and courses with students in Years III through VI of the six-year program including the Self-Paced Pharmacology Series.
  6. All students will be required to complete a one-block medical humanities course in the last two years.
  7. Completion of three electives from nine categories with one elective fulfilling the critical-care requirement.