Medical Education Support Services

Structure & Function

The Office of Medical Education Support Services provides evidence-based and data-driven guidance to the UMKC School of Medicine community in the areas of teaching, assessment, educational research, curriculum development, program evaluation, faculty development, and data management.

Assessment & Quality Improvement

Supports the UMKC School of Medicine strategic plan by engaging in ongoing planning and continuous quality improvement processes that establish short and long term programmatic goals, resulting in the achievement of measurable outcomes that are used to improve programmatic quality and ensure effective monitoring of the medical education program’s compliance with accreditation standards.

Program Evaluation & Accreditation

Collect, analyze, and utilize information to support program evaluation efforts at multiple levels. Facilitate accreditation processes, particularly in the area of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting learning outcomes. 

Learner Assessment

In addition to proctoring the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) exams, we advise faculty on best use of NBME exams in clerkships, manage and report student performance data, and assist in systematic analysis and interpretation of data to guide curricular improvements.

Advise on the development and evaluation of internally-constructed learner assessments. We also work with faculty to improve their assessment of students’ performance in each of the School of Medicine’s competencies.

Faculty Development

Provide faculty development opportunities through serving on the Masters of Health Professions Education and Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education faculty, facilitating workshops on a variety of educational topics, as well as through one-on-one consultations.

Data Management & Reporting

Support School of Medicine Councils and other units by providing routine and ad hoc outcomes data as well as guidance in interpreting the data in order to guide policy, procedural, and curricular improvements. Additionally, we create databases for School of Medicine units to help them better manage their data.

Educational Research

Conduct educational research and provide methodological and statistical consultations for faculty members’ and learners’ educational research projects.




Jennifer Quaintance, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Assessment and Quality Improvement
M1-121, 235-1958


Beth Frank
Database Programmer Analyst – Expert
M1-214F  235-2714

Angellar Manguvo, Ph.D.
Instructional Design Specialist
M1-214F  235-1856

Sarah LaGrece
NBME Chief Proctor | NBME Exams
Senior Operations Support Technician | Clinical Training Facility
2429 Charlotte St.  235-1845

Garren Frasher
Medical Education Media Center (MEMC) – Manager
M2-C04A  235-1864