Medicine / Pediatrics


Life After Residency

UMKC Med-Peds residency graduates take many different career paths after graduation.

Our graduates and their current careers are organized by year of graduation.


Gayathri Kumar– Critical Care Fellowship- Cleveland Clinic

Charles Maloy – Hospitalist, SLH KC

Johana Mejias-Beck – IM Chief – UMKC

Sindhura Pisipati – Hospitalist, Colorado

Andrew Shore – Primary Care, Swope Park, KCMO

Rachel Warnert – Hospitalist, Mosaic, St Joseph, MO


Scott Biggerstaff- POCUS Fellowship, Oregon

Nick Gier– Primary Care, Swope Park, KCMO

Kristen Jones-Critical Care Fellowship, UMKC

Anna Nicek-Hospitalist, SLH KC

Matthew Warren– cardiology fellowship, Texas

Kaitlin Wittler – Primary Care, University Health, Kansas City


Nicholas Gier – Hospitalist – Kansas City Metro

Jonathan Kendall – IM Hospitalist/IM-Peds Clinic – Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

Andre Koop – Hospitalist – Sound Physicians, Wichita, KS

Olivia Kwan – Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship – Indiana University

Joanne Loethen – IM Chief Resident UMKC – Kansas City, MO

Micah Warren – Geriatric Fellowship UMKC – Kansas City, MO


Jayme Kwak – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Hospitalist, Illinois

Clayton Mowrer – Combined Infectious Disease Fellowship, Omaha, NE

Kyle Reed – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Primary Care, Liberty, MO

Paymon Savoji – Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Kansas City, MO

Katelyn Smelser – Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Kansas City, MO

Jared Willard – Sports Medicine Fellowship, Nashville, TN


Aunya Cameron, M.D. – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Primary Care, KS

Jane Duong, M.D. – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Hospitalist, Cleveland OH

Jamesia Donato, M.D. –  Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City MO

Jeremy Jennings, D.O. – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Traditional Practice, Glacier Medical Associates, Whitefish MT

Danny Lambrecht, M.D. – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Primary Care, University of Colorado Health, Sterling CO

Ramy Sayed, M.D. – Internal Medicine – Pediatrics Traditional Practice, Smyrna TN


Jeremy Avila, M.D. – Combined Primary Care, Memphis, TN

“… After finishing residency, I jumped into a combined primary care clinic in one of the suburbs of Memphis, TN, where I grew up. As I see patients of all levels of complexity, from newborns to octogenarians, I am so thankful for the breadth of experience I gained through residency at UMKC. Dr. Gardner established a culture of evidence based practice and going the extra mile for patients that I try to implement in my practice every day. UMKC prepared me well for outpatient primary care and for both board exams’ … Dr. Avila

Mara Horwitz, M.D. –Combined Adult and Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship, Saint Louis University School of Medicine

“…One of my favorite parts of residency at UMKC was the chance to gain clinical exposure in multiple areas of interest.  During residency I was provided with ample opportunity to explore subspecialties.  My introduction to both pediatric and adult rheumatology early in residency was crucial in reinforcing my interest in the field.  Later, conference leave allowed me to attend the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting, further piquing my interest and solidifying my decision to pursue a combined fellowship.

Now that I am in my fellowship training, I am grateful for the clinical experiences that helped prepare me for this next step in my career.  The immense variety of pathology seen between the three hospitals we worked at during residency has given me a solid background on which to build further knowledge.  Experience performing our own joint injections in clinic, as well as aspirations on the floors has given me confidence in performing these procedures early in my fellowship. 

Finally, no reflection on my path to fellowship would be complete without also acknowledging the terrific people who encouraged and aided me along the way.   Everyone I approached for guidance during residency was very supportive and helpful, from the leadership of our program, to the rheumatologists who happily shared their knowledge and advice with me.  “… Dr. Horwitz

Matt Lindquist, M.D. –   Weight Management Clinic, Kansas City MO           
Amanda Sommerville, M.D. – Primary Care, Kansas City, MO
Shubra Srinivas, M.D. – Internal Medicine and Pediatric Hospitalist, Omaha, NE

Simmi Arora, M.D. – Hematology/Oncology Fellowship

“… The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics program at UMKC helped to prepare me for my fellowship in many ways. Between the three excellent hospitals, I was exposed to a broad range of diseases and a diverse population of patients. I had the unique opportunity to work with several med/peds faculty members who helped me grow in not only my medical knowledge, but also in my approach to patients. I was given enough autonomy to hold myself accountable for the care of my patients, but also all of the support I needed – day or night. I am a better doctor and will be a better hematologist and oncologist because of my residency at UMKC, and for that I will always be thankful”… Dr. Arora/Elder


Maggie Bozarth, M.D.-   Primary Care, Saint Luke’s South, OPKS

Tray Sifers, M.D.  – Served as an internal medicine chief 2016-2017 and currently Allergy/Immunology Fellowship in Mt. Sinai

James Kim, M.D. –  Internal Medicine Hospitalist at Saint Luke’s Hospital, KCMO

 “Fourth year of residency is an amazing time when you finally see the “light at the end of the tunnel.” Now, you get to decide your future career (private practice, academics, hospitalist, rural, primary care, fellowship). It’s a time of self-reflection over the past 8 years of medical training and determining from those past 8 years what you consider to be the most important (family time, high acuity patients, call schedule), how you want to invest your time and what you consider to be most fulfilling. As a true Med-Peds resident, I felt pulled in a lot of different directions. We are trained in a residency program that provides you with almost too many options. But in all those options, I felt prepared and equipped. I wanted to be a Med-Peds physician because I felt like they were the most complete physician, and after working in a rural hospital as their hospitalist and ER physician, as an overnight hospitalist covering the ICU, and as an IM hospitalist in a large academic center, I feel that my training has allowed me to give my patients some of the best and most complete care.” …. Dr. Kim

Kristin Hirni, M.D. – Hospitalist, Menorah Medical Center, OPKS
Leah Brandon, D.O.- Primary Care, Mercy Clinics, Des Moines, IA


Heather Doss, M.D. – Internal Medicine- Pediatrics Primary Care Liberty, MO *Served as an internal medicine chief 2015-2016
 ” My MedPeds residency at UMKC prepared me well to practice Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. I was able to see such a wide range of patients and diseases at Children’s Mercy, Truman (community hospital) and St Luke’s (tertiary referral). My favorite part of training was our MedPeds clinic. Not only did I feel like I learned a lot by having my own patient panel, but it was always such a welcome environment with my MedPeds family. The MedPeds attendings were great mentors. I felt prepared from both a medical knowledge as well as patient care perspective after graduating. UMKC made me a well-rounded provider and I enjoyed my residency so much I decided to stay on as faculty.” … Dr. Doss

Jacqueline Kitchen, M.D. – Program Director of Internal Medicine/Pediatrics UMKC  *Served as an internal medicine chief 2015-2016
“Training at UMKC provides exposure to a diagnostically diverse patient population in both internal medicine and pediatrics and gives residents these opportunities in a variety of clinical settings. We are fortunate to work in a fantastic free standing pediatric hospital for our pediatric training, as well as a tertiary referral hospital for medicine, and a county hospital dedicated to our local community for our internal medicine training. While I cannot give enough thanks for the excellent clinical exposure I received during training, the greatest strength of our program is the sense of community and camaraderie we have within our program and with our categorical programs. My wish for each of you is that you will find a residency program where you will be intellectually and academically challenged in a way that will help you flourish into excellent practicing physicians.” …. Dr. Kitchen

Nicholas Madden, M.D. – Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Matt Schmitt, M.D. – Hospitalist, Kaiser Permanente, Denver, CO  *Served as an internal medicine chief 2015-2016
Ryan Stone, D.O. – MedPeds Hospitalist, Schmeck Medical Center, Seymour, IN
Trey Thomason, D.O. – Primary Care MedPeds, Hinton, OK


        Kristy Jones, D.O.  – Hospitalist, Bentonville, AR
       Jennifer Nguyen, M.D.  – Primary Care, St. Louis, MO
       Jennifer Paisley, M.D.  – Primary Care, Newton, IA
       Buddy Rogers, D.O.  – Primary Care, Kansas City, MO
       Kevin Wherry, M.D.  – Primary Care, Lincoln City, OR


Chris Fitzgerald, M.D. – Primary Care Kaiser Permanente, Beverly Hills, CA
Brian Haas, M.D. –  Hospitalist at Centerpoint Medical Center, Lees Summit, MO
Emily Haury, M.D. – Academic MedPeds, UMKC, KCM
Ashley Matthews,  M.D. – Primary Care, Saint Luke’s North, KCMO
Carmen Storm,  M.D. – Primary Care Heartland Clinic, St. Joseph, MO
Casey Willimann,  M.D. – Primary Care, Santa Barbara, CA


Adrian Chen, M.D. Primary Care, Mosaic Healthcare SystemGladstone, MO
Hon Dang, M.D. – Hospitalist: HCA, OPKS
Samantha Hatfield, M.D. – Primary Care, Walnut Ridge, AR
Health Wilt, D.O. – Cardiologist, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, OPKS


Neal Anson, M.D. – Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Practice, Liberty MO
Alan Chan, M.D. – MedPeds Hospitalist, Orlando, FL
Matthew Garrison, M.D. – Hospitalist, Johnson City, Tennessee
Seiji Ito, M.D. – Adult and Pediatric Cardiologist, MD
Nicole Poppinga, M.D. – Primary Care,  Pierre, South Dakota
Molly Uhlenhake, D.O. – Academic MedPeds, UMKC, KCMO


Angela Canady, M.D. – Allergy/Immunology, Fishman Allergy & Asthma Providers, Washington, DC
Jennifer Flint, M.D. – Pediatric Critical Care, Children’s Mercy Hospital
Chelsey Grimm, M.D. – Hospitalist, Chattanooga Hamilton County Hospital Authority, Chattanooga, TN


Elizabeth Kay Gerstner, M.D. – Primary Care, Liberty Clinic, Liberty MO
David McCrary, M.D. – Infectious Disease, West County Adult Medicine, Chesterfield, MO
Michael Nyp, D.O. – Neonatologist, Children’s Mercy Hospital, KCMO
Christopher Turner, M.D. – Hospitalist, Med-Peds, Nashville, TN


Nichole Clark, D.O. – Pulmonary/Critical Care, Research Medical Center, KCMO
Hillary Lawrence, M.D. – Dermatology Residency, University of Kansas Medical Center
Stephanie Sypniewski, M.D. – Private Practice Med-Peds, Houston TX
Anthony Zeimet, D.O. – Infectious Disease Fellowship, University of Missouri – Columbia


Leticia Alaniz, M.D. – Private Practice Med-Peds, Rolla MO
Paul Johnson, D.O. – Hospitalist, Truman Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital
Jennifer McBride, M.D. – Academic Med-Peds, University of Missouri Kansas City