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PGY1 – Class of 2025

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Michael Chen
Dr. Michael ChenMedical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Hometown: Johnson City, TN
Career Aspiration: Global Health, Palliative Care
Hobbies: Running, working out, sports, outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, paddleboarding, taking my dog to random places, board games, napping, and pretty much anything that involves not using my brain.
Why did you choose UMKC: The familiarity and support that everybody shows each other to where I feel like there is someone I can talk to or hang out with whether they are med-peds, peds, or IM.
Who inspires you: My family because they’ve been the backbone of my morals and my principles, and my friends because they’ve helped drag me through the mud so that I can be where I am today with the support I have.
Where do you live in Kansas City: N Kansas City near Gladstone.
Daniel Dooling
Dr. Daniel DoolingMedical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Career Aspiration: Undecided at the moment. Hopefully a subspecialty with both inpatient and clinic time.
Hobbies: Trying new restaurants, hiking, keeping up on Survivor, trivia nights.
Why did you choose UMKC: Absolutely the people! Getting a sense of programs virtually was difficult, but the zoom meet-and-greet and interviews gave me such a good impression of the community here. Alongside the strong training in a large midwest city with great food!
Who inspires you: My parents, siblings, and extended family. A whole crew of fun, adventurous, and kind people who always inspire me to be a better person.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Crossroads
Aidan McGowan
Dr. Aiden McGowanMedical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Hometown: Woolwich, Maine
Career Aspiration: Rural Med-Peds Primary Care and Adult Hospitalist VS. Critical Care
Hobbies: Powerlifting, walking/hiking with my dog, local eats
Why did you choose UMKC: In the world of virtual interviewing, it is extremely difficult to differentiate programs from one another, however, my interview at UMKC was like no other and left me feeling confident about the programs ability to provide a top-tier education within a supportive and family-like environment. Together, the resident comradery, the excellent training sites, and the genuine faculty made it easy to rank UMKC as a top program.
Who inspires you: While there are countless individuals who have positively influenced my life, I am most inspired by my mother who has always encouraged me to continue pushing myself and never settle for mediocrity.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Hyde Park/Westport
Anthony McKeiver
Dr. Anthony McKeiverMedical School: Kansas City University
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Career aspiration: Not entirely sure, but definitely something that encompasses transitional care, ideally in both the inpatient and outpatient settings!
Hobbies: Cooking and trying my hand at new recipes. Reading, Netflix-ing, finding new running trails around KC. Actively searching for the best cold brew coffee in the city. I also enjoy watching college football on the weekends (Go Blue!), hanging with my niece and nephew, and playing any and every board game/card game… anyone up for some Mario Kart?
Why did you choose UMKC: I have yet to meet a more close-knit and fun-loving group of residents. While rotating in the Med/Peds outpatient clinic, I was able to see their dedication to providing quality health care to each one of their patients. That, coupled with their fun energy and genuine concern for one another, made UMKC my top choice. Having a well-rounded and diverse patient population with dedicated attendings who love to teach is also a definite plus!
Who inspires you: There are so many amazing people in my life that I look up to! Most notably: my partner, my family, my friends. My co-residents, who I am so lucky to have matched with. All the people who have fought to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.
Where do you live in Kansas City: New homeowners in Brookside with my boyfriend and our dog, Maya!
Kaystin  Weisenberger
Dr. Kaystin WeisenbergerMedical School: University of Missouri (MIZ!)
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Career Aspiration: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? Why do you think I picked MedPeds…?
Hobbies: Board games, pool and snooker, trivia, really old movies, getting strange looks while walking my cat, beer, and all things nerd (LotR, HP, PC gaming, anime, reading obscure fantasy).
Why did you choose UMKC: Comraderie! Everyone was super friendly, joked around with each other during the social, and knew all the good “restaurants” close to the hospital. Also had a great balance of good medicine + good peds, which is hard to find, while feeling equally a part of both. KC is also pretty progressive despite Missouri, which I appreciate.
Who inspires you: My dad, who passed while I was in med school. He always had a positive word for everyone, was curious about everything, and played the best music.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Midtown — 5 min from everything, but that traffic though…
Phillip Wozniak
Dr. Phillip WozniakMedical School:The Ohio State University
Hometown: Champaign, IL
Career Aspiration: Critical care! Either PICU or Pulmonary/Critical Care
Hobbies: running, traveling, hiking, whitewater kayaking, becoming a foodie, reading
Why did you choose UMKC: My wife is a Kansas City native, so training at an academic center near family is truly a blessing.
Who inspires you: My mentor, Pablo Sanchez. In addition to being the nicest man around, he’s also a world class clinician-scientist.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Roeland Park