Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship


Emily Williams (2019-2022)
Assistant Professor, OB/GYN-Maternal-Fetal Medicine, University Health Truman Medical Center – UMKC Health Sciences District

Sarah Hostetter (2018-2021)
Private Practice – Springfield, MO

Tabitha Schrufer-Poland (2017-2020)
Private Practice – Colorado Springs, CO

Tara Banaszek Daming (2016-2019)
Private practice – St. Louis, MO

Gustavo Vilchez (2015-2018)
Assistant Professor, OB/GYN-Maternal-Fetal Medicine, University Health Truman Medical Center – UMKC Health Sciences District

Blake Porter (2014-2017)
Assistant Professor, Maternal-fetal medicine– University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine

My training at UMKC prepared me for independent practice in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The relationships that I established with my faculty will prove to be life-long partnerships in improving the care of both mother and baby. Through this mentorship, and valuable clinical exposure, I was able to gain experience in both the breadth and depth of MFM that allowed me to walk confidently into practice knowing that I would be providing exceptional, evidence-based care. Through my research training I was able to pursue my ideas from hypothesis generation to thesis defense. My career was supported and encouraged, through allowing dedicated time to prepare for and pass my General ABOG oral exam, and by ultimately helping me obtain an assistant professorship at a leading university-based health care system. I will always cherish my time at UMKC and the training I was fortunate enough to receive at this excellent institution.

Shilpa Babbar (2013-2016)
Assistant Professor, OB/GYN-Maternal-Fetal, Saint Louis University, School of Medicine

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to complete my MFM fellowship at UMKC. Working with passionate people who are engaged in their work and desire to see their fellows achieve higher success shaped my trajectory during fellowship. Dr. Dev Maulik’s guidance and support during fellowship was indispensable and his advice and mentorship will be carried with me for many years to come as I continue to grow in our field of work. Collaborating with the faculty in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics while I pursued my Masters in Bioinformatics led to me to mentors that continue to inspire me to delve deeper into the world of clinical research. I have made deep rooted connections with my mentors and colleagues at UMKC and they continue to be an important part of my life.

Teresa Orth (2012-2015)
Private Practice, Tucson, AZ

Paul Singh (2011-2014)

Erica Heitmann (2010-2013)
Clinical Assistant Professor- University of Arizona

Devika Maulik (2009-2012)
Assistant Professor – Children’s Mercy Hospital/University Health Truman Medical Center