Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

School of Medicine Multicultural Affairs (SOMMA)

STAHR Retreat – Hosted to begin our mentoring program and build relationships between students, faculty, and trainees.

SOMMA’s Mission

To create strategic initiatives that build community and champion equity to support the learning environment for students in the BA/MD, MD, and Graduate Medical Professions and to create strategic initiatives in the work and learning environment for Resident and Fellowship programs. 

To address the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in supporting the retention, persistence, and success of the historically marginalized (race and gender binary identities) and underrepresented populations (first generation college student, first generation medical student, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, diverse abilities, military, ethnicity, non-traditional students, age, socio-economic status and other identity intersections) in the UMKC School of Medicine.

Ways our office supports students- 
  • Our student mentoring program SMART (Students in Medicine Academia Research and Training), as part of the STAHR Ambassador Program, supports the graduation and success of UMKC School of Medicine students that are economically and educationally disadvantaged or First Generation.
  • MACS (Multicultural Advisory Community of Students) has been established to create a community of student leaders in each of our affinity organizations in order to provide guidance around diversity initiatives as it pertains to underrepresented in medicine student success, diversity education, engagement, and retention.
  • We support the Critical Mass Gathering (CMG) of medical professionals at all levels in collaboration with Kansas City University of Medical and Biosciences and KU Medical School to network and explore your needs in medicine from networking relationships, specialty exploration, or navigating medical school successfully.
  • Welcome to School of Medicine Diversity Receptions – we host a reception during the Fall and Spring semesters to promote diversity and engagement across programs. Ultimately, focused on creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for new students.
  • We have a collaboration to imbed diversity, equity, and inclusion training and education into the Physician Assistant curriculum including training on social identity, identity development, LGBTQIA identity and Safe Space, Diabetes Prevention reflection and debriefs, and a Leadership Advocacy Panel.
  • We cultivate and encourage a learning and work environment of Expect Respect through Mistreatment education of all students, trainees, staff, and faculty in the School of Medicine. If you have experienced, witnessed, overheard any form of mistreatment no matter how serious you think it might be, report it using this link: MISTREATMENT REPORTING.



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