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Poster Information
  1. Download a Poster Template to get you started.
  2. You need a Univ. account (MO Code) to pay for the poster (exempt from sales tax for UMKC) or a personal credit card.
  3. Check with University Marketing & Communications on correct logos.
  4. Email your final poster to the Fed-Ex/Kinkos Plaza location –  to obtain a price quote. Mention the UMKC discount code (0488307827).
    List the poser size and specifics – e.g.,  3’X4’ color, non-laminated on paper stock.Ensure you provide a phone # for Fed-Ex to call you in case there are questions on color, background, payment issues, etc.
  5. Fed-Ex will send you a poster draft and price quote.
  6. After you approve the poster draft, Fed-Ex will need to be paid.
    Turn-around time can be a day (likely pay extra for quicker turn-around time), but usually 48 hrs. After Fed-Ex receives payment (credit card #) they will send/deliver the poster.If paying via Univ. MO code, the SOM Business Affairs dept. will need to process the transaction. Call ext. 235-1813 so that they can call Fed-Ex (the appropriate account holder for the MO code will have had to previously approve).
  7. Fed-Ex delivery is free to the SOM.
    If you don’t have an office at SOM, tell Fed-Ex to deliver to SOM Mailroom located in the Receiving Dock (room M1-213) on the 1st floor.  Email Todd Hanna ( ext. 235-1816) to let him know you are expecting a poster delivery from Fed-Ex.


For general Printing services

FedEx – UMKC brochure (PDF)