welcomeAbout Our Department

The aim of the UMKC Department of Ophthalmology is to ultimately to improve the lives of those afflicted with eye disease. We accomplish this vision through the following tenets:

  • Education – excellence in training the next generation of ophthalmologists through a renowned residency and fellowship program
  • Research – acceleration of ground-breaking research for blinding eye disease via the Vision Research Center at UMKC
  • Treatment – nationally-renowned physicians providing the latest information available on treatment of eye disease
  • Prevention – guidance on lifestyle choices that may help prevent eye disease and contribute to better health overall
  • Community Outreach – efforts to provide services to underserved populations.

Over forty years ago, the first class of resident physicians graduated from the Department of Ophthalmology at the UMKC School of Medicine. This marked a commitment to providing the very best care to patients with eye disease.  The same mission drives our efforts today, as we continue to train the next generation of ophthalmologists. Today, we continue to  guide the science that will eventually equip our doctors and provide our patients with the best possible treatments available.

The UMKC School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology has seen exponential growth over the years not only in faculty, but research and patient care. The Department now has numerous faculty members involved in patient care, research and clinical trials. Founded in 2007, the Vision Research Center at UMKC—the research arm of the Department of Ophthalmology—provides a direct avenue for basic science research, translational research and clinical trials. This ensures that patients with ocular disease receive the most advanced medical treatments available. From lab bench to bedside, the VRC offers an unprecedented interdisciplinary synergy with a unified goal: to better diagnose, prevent, and treat eye disease and vision disorders as to make a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Thanks to our generous supporters, talented faculty, gifted researchers, and enthusiastic residents and fellows, the Department is poised to make a significant impact in better treatment for eye disease, leading to a better quality of life for generations to come.

Nelson Sabates, MD
Professor and Chairman of the
UMKC Department of Ophthalmology