Faculty Awards

Faculty Community Service and Engagement Award


This award acknowledges and celebrates a faculty member who is recognized for service and community engagement locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally while also engaging SOM learners (medical students, graduate students, and/or residents/fellows) in these volunteer activities.  This recognition is for philanthropic service not related to compensated or contracted clinical or other work duties.


The faculty recipient should be an individual who has volunteered significant time and service to the community and has influenced SOM learners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes related to community needs by engaging learners in service activities.  Examples of activities include non-paid volunteering at community health fairs, supervising a free community clinic, engaging in food drives, or planning and establishing sustained community engagement activities that enhance the health and well-being of the community.


Nominee must be a tenure track or nontenure track faculty member at the UMKC School of Medicine for a minimum of 5 years.

Nomination guidelines and materials to be submitted by the deadline:

Please download and complete this checklist that is to be submitted as the first page of a single PDF nomination: 


.Nominees may be nominated by UMKC staff, faculty, students, residents, fellows, administrators, or community members.  Self-nominations are also acceptable

To be considered, the following information must be submitted:

  • A nomination letter (no more than 3 pages) must include a narrative about how the faculty’s community service and engagement activities have impacted the community and learners. A brief description of name of agencies/organizations served, services provided, and time commitment (such as hours/week or month over what period) should be included, focusing on volunteer activities in the last 5 years. Please include if the nominee has received an award for their service or if the program/organization has been recognized due to the efforts of the nominee. Specific client outcomes should be included, if available.
  • Each nominator may only submit one faculty nominee.
  • Each nominator is encouraged to solicit up to three (3) additional letters of support for the nominee from persons influenced by or who directly benefitted from the volunteer service.
  • The nominee must submit a one-to-two-page narrative about their volunteer service philosophy. The nominator must contact the nominee to provide required materials.
  • Additional materials that the nominee should provide:
    • Agencies or organizations served in the past five years, a description of the activity, number of hours and the number of months or years of service to each agency, outcome measures (number of clients served, amount of product distribute, or any client.
    • A list of the SOM learners (medical or graduate students, residents, and fellows) that the nominee has engaged in the service activities, including time commitment of the learner.
    • If applicable, include any award recognition of the nominee or the organization due to efforts from the faculty member (this could include a copy of the award, any publications regarding the organization/agency, etc.).

Prior Winners:

  • 2022 – Alie Scholes, M.D., MHCM, FACEP