Psychiatry Residency

Clinical Locations

Psychiatry residents receive a broad range of clinical experiences across several different locations (as outlined below). Most of the locations are either nestled in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, or in the wooded suburban city of Lee’s Summit.

cbm_200w Center for Behavioral Medicine (CBM):
CBM, formerly Western Missouri Mental Health Center, is an agency of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and is the home-base of the psychiatry residency program.  It is in the heart of Downtown Kansas City, located within the University of Missouri- Kansas City health sciences district.  CBM provides inpatient psychiatric care to patients from Kansas City and the Western side of Missouri.  Inpatient admissions are limited to forensic patients who are in need of competency restoration and intensive inpatient treatment.  Additionally, there are around 40 psychiatric beds, which are rented by University Health, but located in the CBM building.  Most of the classrooms and resident meetings are held within this building. (Map)

UMKC Health Sciences District


University Health – Truman Medical Center (UH-TMC):
UH-TMC Hospital is a leading healthcare institution renowned for its commitment to providing exceptional medical services, education, and research – to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, this state-of-the-art facility is affiliated with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine and serves as a crucial training ground for future healthcare professionals. With a legacy dating back more than a century, Truman Medical Center Hospital has consistently upheld its mission to deliver high-quality, compassionate care to a diverse patient population. The medical center is known for excellence in emergency and level I trauma services and is physically attached to Children’s Mercy – one of the top-ranked children’s hospitals in the country. (Map)

Center for Behavioral Health CrossrodsUniversity Health Behavioral Health (UHBH) Crossroads
The Crossroads building is located in the bustling “Crossroads District” in downtown Kansas City, MO. This is the primary location for the PGY3 outpatient rotations, where each resident is provided their own spacious office. It is a large building that integrates seamlessly into the urban landscape. With over 200 employees, there is a wide variety of services including medications, counseling, and case management. There is also a Walgreens located on the first floor. This is the primary location for community mental health in downtown Kansas City, MO. (Map)

UH-LakewoodUniversity Health – Lakewood Medical Center (UH-LMC)
University Health Lakewood Medical Center is an alternative campus, located southeast of Kansas City in Lee’s Summit, MO. It offers residents of Eastern Jackson County access to a modern community hospital with a continuum of outpatient services designed to meet the needs of families. This 110-bed hospital provides patients with easy access for acute and well-care needs for all ages, and a focus on primary care. The campus is located in a heavily wooded area and has excellent views of the surrounding terrain. (Map)

University Health Behavioral Health LakewoodUniversity Health Behavioral Health (UHBH) Lakewood Counseling
The Lakewood Counseling building provides outpatient behavioral healthcare for adults and children in Eastern Jackson County. It is nestled in downtown Lee’s Summit and is located a few miles from the Lakewood Medical Center. Many residents spend time here during their PGY3 year in the outpatient child clinic. (Map)

Future Construction:

Center for Behavioral Medicine – Missouri lawmakers have approved $300 million to build a new psychiatric hospital near the current CBM building with a projected completion date of 2027. The plan is to include 100 new beds for CBM (for competency restoration) and 100 new beds for University Health (for civil commitment and short-term stabilization). They also plan to open a separate psychiatric emergency services.

The Center for Recovery Health and Wellness – This will be a fully integrated 21,000+ square foot facility to care for those with substance use disorders. University Health will renovate an existing facility in the heart of the UMKC Health Sciences District. This facility will provide patients with access to direct care including psychiatric services, Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT), case management and peer recovery interventions to address psychosocial determinants of health. This facility will allow UH to double its provider team. The total project will cost around $9 million dollars and the plan is to provide TMS, esketamine and have the capacity to expand to include psychedelic assisted psychotherapy if it gets FDA approval. Further down the line, we want to create an addiction medicine fellowship.