Reid Waldman, M.D., ’17, a pioneer in dermatologic therapies

Reid Waldman, M.D., ’17 (photo credit: UCONN Health)

Since 1971, nearly 4,000 physicians and health care professionals across the United States have received their degrees from the UMKC School of Medicine. As a lead up to our Gold Jubilee 50th anniversary event on June 4, we are spotlighting some of our alumni who embody the school’s spirit and excellence in medical education and patient care.

Today, we catch up with Reid Waldman, M.D., ’17, a dermatologist, cofounder and chief operating officer of a Connecticut-based startup company that is pioneering therapeutic approaches in dermatology. The company, VeraDermics Inc., raised more than $20 million to develop a child-friendly wart treatment.

Where are you now and where are you working?
I am a board certified dermatologist living in West Hartford, Connecticut.  I am currently the chief operating officer of a dermatology-focused pharmaceutical startup called VeraDermics Inc.  At VeraDermics Inc., we are developing drugs for dermatology. Our initial pipeline product, a microneedle patch for the treatment of warts, is in preclinical development and has been featured in Forbes.

Could you share one of your most fond memories from your time at UMKC?

My favorite experience at UMKC was delivering a baby for the first time with then OB/GYN resident, Megan Bokemper, MD.

What is the greatest lesson you learned during your time at the School of Medicine?

The greatest lesson I learned was the importance of mentorship. While I was at the School of Medicine, my father, Steven Waldman, MD, JD, MBA, an anesthesiologist, provided crucial career counseling and mentorship to my fellow students, which was incredibly impactful.

What is something about you that people may not know?

As a child, I got to be a coin toss captain for the Kansas City Chiefs.