Office of Student Affairs

Annual Flu Shot & TB Test Information

Students must receive their annual flu shot and upload their documentation here October 1st, 2021.

All students are also required to complete the annual TB Symptom Review Form and submit it here.

Students submitting a TB Test should upload it here.

Students are responsible for keeping their immunization records and providing them to our affiliates and any hospitals they visit as requested, including any updates (i.e. annual flu shots, TB tests etc). We recommend keeping copies of the AAMC Standard Immunization Form, annual immunization records, and your medical records pulled from any online portals, so you always have them available.

Flu Shot Clinic

A flu shot clinic has been created by the Student Health Center to provide a convenient and cost effective way for Health Science District students to receive their flu shots. Flu shots will be $20, paid by cash, check or student account. Dates subject to change depending on vaccine delivery. While supplies lasts.

Health Science Building 3302

Monday, September 20th from 7am-12pm
Tuesday, September 21st from 1pm-4pm
Wednesday, September 22nd from 7am-12pm
Thursday, September 23rd from 1pm-4pm
Friday, September 24th from 7am-4pm

Other Flu Shot and TB Test Location Options
Other local options for Flu Shots and TB Skin Tests include:

TB Locaions


TB SRF Example


Example TB Symptom Review Form (at left)

All highlighted sections must be completed.




All students are responsible for uploading their own documentation as proof of completion.

Your flu shot or TB test documentation must include:
-must be a PDF (no jpeg, png etc)
-must have providers name
-must have student’s full name
-must have students DOB
Flu: must contain date administered
TB: must contain date administered, read, and results in mm

Flu Shot Upload
TB Symptom Review Form
TB Symptom Review Form Upload
TB Test Upload

Every student must complete a TB Symptom Review Form, regardless of if they get a TB Test.


Q: Do I need a TB Test?

A: All AA and PA students are required to have a TB Test. We recommend all School of Medicine students stay up to date with their TB Skin test, particularly Year 4, 5, and 6 students BA/MD and MD Students. A lapse in testing results in the need for a Two-Step Test and could delay participation in various experiences.

Children’s Mercy Hospital requires an annual TB Test, so students participating in the pediatric clerkship or electives (including research) at CMH will need to have one on file.

Other hospitals may also require a TB Skin test so we recommend students starting residency in the next year or planning to participate in out of town/away rotations stay up to date.

Q: Do I need a TB Skin Test if I previously tested positive?

A: If you have tested positive for TB infection you must provide documentation of positive TB  test  results, TB treatment, and a negative two-view chest x-ray. Students must complete the program symptoms form annually. Based on results of the symptoms form additional action may be required.

An additional negative two-view chest x-ray is required within six months of the student’s first rotation at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics.  CMH will let students know when this is needed.

Q: What if I am not currently in Kansas City? Do I need a flu shot and TB test?

A: Flu shots and TB skin tests are available at health departments, minute clinics, and occupational health centers across the US. Students should still complete these annual requirements to stay on track with immunizations. Not doing so could cause a delay in the student’s return to the clinical setting.

Q: I’m not currently in the clinical setting. Do I need a flu shot and TB test?

A: Yes. Students should still complete these annual requirements to stay on track with immunizations. Not doing so could cause a delay in the student’s return to the clinical setting.

Q: I’m a Year 1 BA/MD student. Do I need a TB test?

A: Only if you did not complete two prior to starting in the program. Refer to your AAMC Immunization form.

Q: Am I excused from clinic or other activities to go get my TB test and/or flu shot?

A: No.

Q: What do I do if I cannot access the upload site (Microsoft Forms)?

A: If you get an error message that you cannot access the form, sign into your email on the browser where you are opening the file and if that still doesn’t work, restart your computer, sign into email on the browser, and then reopen the link.

Q: What if my proof of vaccination will not upload?

A: If you encounter challenges in uploading you may need to compress the file to make it smaller (google “PDF compressor”) so it can be uploaded.