Office of Student Affairs

Annual Flu Shot & TB Test Information

Starting Fall 2020, all School of Medicine students (AA, PA, Grad, BA/MD, and MD) will be required to source and pay for their annual flu shot and TB test (if needed). Students need to receive their annual flu shot and TB test (if needed) and upload their documentation to MyRecordTracker (year 1 BA/MD students) or Box folder (everyone else) by October 1, 2020

Flu Shot and TB Skin Test Clinic

The Student Health Center will hold a flu shot and TB skin test clinic to provide a convenient and cost effective way for students to complete these requirements. Flu shots will be $20 and TB Skin Test will be $18, paid by cash, check, or student account.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
5th Floor Cherry Street Parking Garage on Volker Campus

TB Skin Test PLACEMENT and Flu Shots
*TB skin tests placed on this day must be read 48-72 hours after placement.

Friday, September 25, 2020

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
5th Floor Cherry Street Parking Garage on Volker Campus

Flu Shots ONLY

Saturday, September 26, 2020

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
5th Floor Cherry Street Parking Garage on Volker Campus

TB Skin Test READS ONLY and Flu Shots

Note: Students should bring the following completed paperwork with them to the event:

Other Flu Shot and TB Test Location Options
Other local options for Flu Shots and TB Skin Tests include:

Immunization Shots Chart


All students are responsible for uploading their own documentation as proof of completion.

Year 1 BA/MD Students will upload to MyRecordTracker.
All other students will upload to the Box folder.

Every student must complete a TB Symptom Review Form, regardless of if they get a TB Test.

Click here to view the Completed TB Symptom Review Form Example.

If you attend the Student Health Center’s Clinic, you must upload the following completed documents:

If you receive your flu shot or TB test elsewhere, you must upload the documentation you receive, which must include:

  • PDF format (no jpeg, png, etc)
  • Provider’s name
  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s DOB
  • Flu: must contain date administered
  • TB: must contain date administered, read, and results in mm
  • TB Symptom Review Form

Please name the files in the following manner:



Q: Do I need a TB Test?

A: All AA and PA students are required to have a TB Test. We recommend all School of Medicine students stay up to date with their TB Skin test, particularly Year 4, 5, and 6 students BA/MD and MD Students. A lapse in testing results in the need for a Two-Step Test and could delay participation in various experiences.

Children’s Mercy Hospital requires an annual TB Test, so students participating in the pediatric clerkship or electives (including research) at CMH will need to have one on file.

Other hospitals may also require a TB Skin test so we recommend students starting residency in the next year or planning to participate in out of town/away rotations stay up to date.

Q: Do I need a TB Skin Test if I previously tested positive?

A: If you have tested positive for TB infection you must provide documentation of positive TB  test  results, TB treatment, and a negative two-view chest x-ray. Students must complete the program symptoms form annually. Based on results of the symptoms form additional action may be required.

An additional negative two-view chest x-ray is required within six months of the student’s first rotation at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics.  CMH will let students know when this is needed.

Q: What if I am not currently in Kansas City? Do I need a flu shot and TB test?

A: Flu shots and TB skin tests are available at health departments, Minute Clinics, and occupational health centers across the US. Students should still complete these annual requirements to stay on track with immunizations. Not doing so could cause a delay in the student’s return to the clinical setting.

Q: So I’m not currently in the clinical setting. Do I need a flu shot and TB test?

A: We recommend students complete these annual requirements to stay on track with immunizations. Not doing so could cause a delay in the student’s participation in the clinical setting.

Q: I’m a Year 1 BA/MD or MD Student. Do I need a TB test?

A: No, you completed your needed TB tests before starting school.

Q: If I go to the Student Health Center’s event on the 24th and get a TB test placed, do I have to have it read at the same location on the 26th, or can it be read somewhere else?

A: We encourage you to make every effort to have it read at the same location on the 26th. Going to another location will result in the student needing to pay for the read.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask at the Student Health Center’s clinic event, even if it’s outdoors?

A: Yes, students must be masked to receive services.

Q: Am I excused from clinic or other activities to go get my TB test and/or flu shot?

A: No.

Q: Why are students responsible for sourcing and paying for flu shots and TB tests this year?

A:  Each year, we review our budget to ensure that spending is allotted to appropriate costs, while staying within the confines of the university budget (made up primarily of state allocations and tuition).  Knowing that health insurance is a requirement of all students in the SOM clinical programs and that most health insurance policies pay for an annual influenza vaccine, we felt it was appropriate to shift that cost out of the school budget so as to not pay for something that was already covered by another entity.  Additionally, TMC no longer requires a yearly TB test, reducing the necessity of obtaining this test each year for most students.

It was important to us to examine how this would impact students, and to ensure the cost of this change would be minimal.  The UMKC Student Health Center helped us achieve this goal in offering both the flu vaccine and the TB test at a price lower than vendors such as Concentra, CVS, and the KCMO Health Department.  They’ve organized a clinic specifically for our students, but are also available during their normal business hours if those clinic hours are not convenient in your schedule.

Making this change allowed us to continue our contract with WellConnect to continue to ensure that students had flexible access to mental health counseling and resources, and that cost increased this year.  WellConnect has increased their services  to us as well, and any student who needs assistance with utilizing WellConnect resources can contact Niloofar Shahmohammadi at