Office of Student Affairs

Student Advising Staff

The Education Team Coordinators (ETCs) and related staff provide management of administrative and academic functions on the docent units and in the Year 1 and 2 office, as well as academic and personal guidance to students years 1-6.

Responsibilities include advising for both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as scheduling and registration guidance for students. ETCs serve as a resource for student needs in the areas of financial aid, personal counseling and academic development. They maintain student records and implement academic and administrative policies of the governing councils of the School of Medicine.

These Student Affairs staff members act as communication liaison for administration, docents, students and the health care community. Various members of the staff coordinate the administrative functions of programs including class meetings, Year 3 Orientation, Year 5 Orientation, MD Orientation, Commencement, and Match.

They also coordinate various activities within the Year 1 and 2 Program including the White Coat Ceremony, Year 1 Student Orientations and the Year 1 Symposium.