Office of Student Affairs

Student Representatives

Class Officers for the 2023-2024 Year


Year 1 Class Officers

President: Hrushikesh Saranu
Vice-President: Za’Niya Walker
Secretary: Mallory Gard
Treasurer: Brody Whalen
Social Activities Chair: Toye Adebayo

Year 2 Class Officers

President: Riya Bhat
Vice President: Pooja Reddy
At-Large Representative: Qasim Chohdry
At-Large Representative: Mallory Gard
At-Large Representative: Annika Tsay

Year 3 Class Officers

Office Advisor: Krisana West
Results Pending

Year 4 Class Officers

President: Daniel Song
Vice President: Lexi Palacio
At-Large Representative: Mary O’Brien
At-Large Representative: Justin Tuschhoff
STJ Representative: Macie Sommer

Year 5 Class Officers

President: Shreya Gautam
Vice President: Lauren Vaughn
At-Large Representative: Audrey Otwell
At-Large Representative: Akash Guruswamy
STJ Representative: Rahul Jilakara

Year 6 Class Officers

President: Anshul Raman
Vice-President: Sameena Hameed
At-Large Representative: Hari Randhawa
At-Large Representative: Sriram Paravastu

Council Representatives

UMKC School of Medicine students are represented on school-wide councils responsible for various aspects of the educational program. These are elected positions with several student representatives on each council. The election process occurs in spring and is initiated through self-nomination, allowing students who have an identified interest in a particular aspect of medical education to become involved in that area. All terms begin on the first day of the school year, occurring in late May.

Coordinating Committee approves all actions by the other Councils. The student rep for the Coordinating Committee is elected by and among the other Council Reps.

  • Victoria Cegielski–representative
  • Josephine Nwankwo–first alternate
  • Neha Potta–second alternate

Council on Selection is responsible for identifying and selecting students for admission to the School of Medicine. It meets four times a year, and members of this council are asked to be available for applicant interviews December through March.  It is necessary for Council on Selection members to be on a rotation that fits with this interviewing schedule. Students serving on this council must currently be in good academic standing.

  • Josephine Nwankwo (HSD)
  • Neha Potta (HSD)
  • Emma Smith (STJ)

Council on Evaluation is responsible for evaluating performance at all levels of the medical school, both student and faculty (although students do not sit on the subcommittee for faculty promotion). It meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m..  Students serving on this Council must have good academic standing for their entire medical school career.

  • Victoria Cegielski (Years 3-6)
  • Lara Makhoul (Years 3-6)
  • Siri Battula (Year 2 representative)

Council on Curriculum is responsible for monitoring all curricular programs and initiating curricular changes at the School of Medicine. It meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the Humanities Conference Room. Students serving on this Council must currently be in good academic standing.

  • Hannah Suffian (voting)
  • Shreya Menon (1st alternate)
  • Sruthi Sripada (2nd alternate)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council was established to create a diverse, nondiscriminatory learning and working environment for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. It was charged with promoting cultural competency, awareness, inclusion, respect and equity through education, training, programming, and advancement.

  • Wes Weske (HSD)
  • Nargiz Agayeva (HSD)
  • Maggie Lopez (STJ)
  • Za’Niya Walker (Year 2)

Council of Docents is responsible for all activities and curriculum related to the Docent Units, including the ambulatory care clinics and Docent Rotation. Meetings are once a month, currently at 7:30 a.m. on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Students must be in good academic standing.

  • Blue – Keerti Ivaturi
  • Gold – Rachel Malsch
  • Green – Suman Manek
  • Purple – Dalton Hermanson
  • Red – Thomas Cunningham
  • STJ – Sara Harvey

Faculty Awards Review Committee

  • Megan Evans

Student Awards Review Committee

  • Lauren Baetje (Years 3-6)
  • Katelyn Junghans (Year 2)

National Board of Alumni and Partners

  • Maya Kosinska (2nd year ending in spring 2024)


  • Victoria Shi (voting delegate for 23-24, completing 2nd year of position in 23-24)
  • Kealy Kornitzer (completing 2nd year of position in 23-24)
  • Demi Elrod (2-year position, position expires in spring 2025, voting delegate in 24-25)
  •  Ross Dare (2-year position, position expires in spring 2025)