Office of Student Affairs

Degree Verification Paperwork

Kim Kalaiwaa
Degree Verification
M4-205F, 816-235-1900

An official transcript from the UMKC Registrar’s Office will verify your degree and should be sufficient documentation for most clinical agencies.  While we love to hear from graduates, this is the most efficient and expedient way to verify a degree. Alumni needing a transcript can request a transcript via our Clearinghouse website, where you can designate the recipient directly on the form.  Complete instructions on transcripts can be found through our Registration and Records office website. All questions regarding transcripts should be directed to the office of Records and Registration.

If you have licensing paperwork or paperwork that requires more than a degree verification via transcript, preference is that it be emailed to; should paperwork need to be mailed, please send to:

UMKC School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs- Verifications
2411 Holmes St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

Please allow plenty of time to get your paperwork processed.  While we make every attempt to process requests in less than 48 hours, we can’t always guarantee immediate response.

Don’t forget to appropriately mention if you have been on probation or had disciplinary action taken against you (when possible use the same language as that in your COE letter).  When in doubt, please contact Student Affairs or the Council on Evaluation prior to submitting your paperwork.  State licensing agencies will ask us the same questions.  Discrepancies are very problematic and could result in major fines and an inability for you to get a license in that state.

If you change your name after graduating, please always indicate your maiden name when asking for verification. If you want your name changed on your diploma or need another copy, you will need to process this through the Registrar’s Office.

Please keep the School of Medicine updated on your contact information and your career by contacting the SOM Alumni Office at 816-235-5281.