School of Medicine celebrates Match Day 2012

UMKC School of Medicine students celebrated Match Day in the SOM courtyard with their classmates and families on Friday, March 16.

Match Day 2012 turned out to be a dream come true for UMKC School of Medicine student Kathleen Doo, MS 6.

Doo and her classmates joined graduating medical students throughout the country on Friday, March 16 in opening envelopes from the National Residency Match Program with the simple letter inside: Congratulations. You have matched.

For Doo, who spent the past six years living half way across the country, Match Day signaled a return home to her native California to do her internal medicine residency at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, about four hours from her home in Clovis, Calif.

“This was my first choice,” Doo said. “I am ecstatic.”

(2012 Match Results)
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The majority of her classmates were sharing her sentiments.

Nearly 40 percent of the 2012 Class matched in one of the primary care specialties, with 27 percent also matching to a first-year preliminary medicine or transitional year program.

Twenty-three members of the class, more than one-quarter of the class, matched to residency positions in Missouri; 18 matched to programs in the Kansas City area, 14 to UMKC School of Medicine residency programs.

“Each year brings its own match tradition, one that distinguishes it from the classes that preceded it,” said Felix Okah, M.D., assistant dean for career advising.

This year’s unique twist saw Connie Beachler, a career advisor in the Office of Student Affairs who started her career at the School of Medicine as a Year 1-2 Education Team Coordinator when this year’s graduating class entered the School of Medicine, announce the graduates and their residency position during the annual ceremony on the SOM courtyard.

Beachler’s announcement meant that Vishy Lanka, MS 6, a Texas native who is headed to Dallas for an internal medicine residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, like Doo, will be headed close to home.

“I’m thrilled,” Lanka said. “I’m so excited I can’t describe it right now.”

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