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Ida Bamberger Memorial Research Travel Award Request

Financial support is available for UMKC medical students presenting their research at national conferences through the Ida Bamberger Memorial Research Endowment. The request form and all supplemental information is to be submitted at least 30 days in advance of travel.  Awards will not exceed $750 per student. Each student is allowed to receive funding for no more than 1 trip per year and no more than 2 trips during their medical school career. Students must be in good academic and professional standing to be eligible for the award.


Office of Student Involvement Research Travel Request

Students may contact the UMKC Office of Student Involvement (OSI) for research travel funding requests through the Student Activity Fee Committee. Information can be found at Go to Student Travel Links at the bottom of the page. In the request for funding, it is important to provide detail and emphasize that you will be presenting the results of your research and not simply just attending the conference as an attendee.


UMKC Women’s Council Graduate Assistance Fund

Established in 1971, the GAF provides financial support to women currently enrolled in graduate programs or women first professional students in the schools of Dentistry, Law, Medicine or Pharmacy. The fund is focused on the dimension beyond the classroom and thus does not fund tuition and textbooks. The funds are designed to assist with the completion of requirements for graduate and first professional degrees, to help facilitate studies beyond the classroom along with enriching and encouraging educational experiences. A maximum of $2,000 may be requested. Please keep in mind, the average GAF award is closer to $1,000.

Deadline for submission is typically in November.


APS Excellence in Professional Student (MD or DO) Research Travel Awards

Provides funds for MD or DO students to attend, present their research, and participate fully in the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting. To be considered for the award, the candidate must be enrolled as either an MD or DO student (NOT MD/PhD), be the first author on a submitted abstract to an APS session for the EB meeting, and be working with an APS member. The applicant does not need to be an APS member at the time of application.

Application deadline: Check website for detail