Department of Surgery

Resident Research

Current Resident Research Projects

Resident Q/I Project Scholarly Research Project
Almenoff carotid protocol Case report- radial ulnar bypass, tdc study
Beckman postop carotid orderset 2. chest tube management for nursing
Boone DVT/PE in post op period E-learning for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship: Can it improve NBME scores and learner satisfaction?
Bors book chapter: acute abd in preg
Brunner Resident lecture series blood transfusions at tmc, education
Corn Post-op order sets for Vascular, needle stick barriers to reporting Portrait Trial
Fesmire Portable vitals monitors on floor at TMC; ICU readmission for respiratory failure Isolated traumatic ICH; Heart Hugger trial; education
Hardouin ERAS protocol after colo/rectal surgery 1. Portrait Trial
2. Modified Hero Graft
3. Eagle Syndrome
Harrison C. Diff, portal vein aneryrsm  Modified Hero Graft
Jones Eval of supplies on diff nursing floors trauma pancreatectomy, SBO from lipoma, genital arousal syndrome
Kulow  ERAS protocol after colo/rectal surgery Isolated Traumatic ICH
Le  CAUTI SLH  Case report-herpetic hepatitis
Lorenzo  NG/NJ tube dislodgement and bridles Pediatric ovarian sparing for mucinous ovarian tumors
Marr  CLABSI  Use of TXA in massive transfusion
Mendez  Needle Stick prevention and barriers to reporting  The cost of necrotizing fascitis
Nagele  Surgical Time out  Use of TXA in massive transfusion
Nguyen  CAUTI SLH  Hemostatic agents
Shanberg  Reducing CAUTI at SLH  blood transfusions at tmc, education
Shiozaki central line placement, unexpected events after low acuity surgery  book chapter: acute abd in preg
Sparks CAUTI SLH  SCORE questions, book chapter with Dr. Augustin