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Asma Ahmed, MD
Photograph of Asma Ahmed, M.D.Hometown: Bangalore, India
Undergrad: Little Flower Public School, Bangalore, India
Medical School: Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, India
Surgery Interest: “The abdomen is a surgeon’s Pandora box.” I would love to unravel the mysteries of the abdomen and pursue Colorectal or Hepatobiliary Surgery.
Hobbies: Arts and crafts, reading fiction novels, yoga, cooking, traveling, puzzles
Favorite things to do on days off: Exploring restaurants in Kansas City and cooking new recipes. If nothing else, “Eat. Sleep. TV. Repeat”.
Reason I came to UMKC: My primary goal was to learn surgery at a place where I would have the opportunity to manage a large variety of surgical problems, help a diverse population, master advanced technologies such as robotic surgery, and work within an environment that is supportive of both my career and personal goals. I was fortunate enough to find all of these requirements at UMKC. Given the fact that we get to work at multiple hospitals, each serving a unique population, and under an extremely collegial and supportive leadership, I decided to choose UMKC for my surgical training. Additionally, Kansas City is my first home in the US and is a great place to live, learn, and grow as a family.
Antonio Martinez Castillo, DO
Photograph of Antonio Martinez Castillo, D.O.Hometown: Lagrange, IN
Undergrad: Huntington University
Medical School: Des Moines University
Surgery Interest: Rural General Surgery
Hobbies: Running, playing soccer, hiking, listening to podcasts, listening to music, reading fiction, and watching movies.
Favorite things to do on days off: Spend time with friends catching up, watching movies, and going out to eat.
Reason I came to UMKC: I thought the program had a comprehensive curriculum that would be valuable for a future in general surgery. I wanted to be near family and Kansas City is also an awesome place live in.
Christopher Ryan Hollabaugh, MD
Photograph of Christopher Hollabaugh, M.D.Hometown:  Blue Springs, MO
Undergrad:  University of Missouri – Columbia
Medical School:  University of Kansas
Surgery Interest:  Cardiothoracic, pediatric, minimally invasive, and surgical oncology.
Hobbies:  Snow skiing, scuba diving, fishing, golfing, making my own barbecue sauce and grilling any chance I get!
Favorite things to do on days off: I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, Maggie, and my family who lives in Kansas City. We enjoy spending time down at the Lake of the Ozarks, enjoying Kansas City BBQ, and visiting family out in Oregon.
Reason I came to UMKC: I am from the Kansas City area and have lived here most of my life. I have continuously seen the level of care that is demonstrated in the affiliated hospitals with UMKC and it is a privilege to be able to uphold the quality of patient care I’ve witnessed take care of my family, friends, and our community throughout my life.
Danielle Joy Kinsey, MD
Photograph of Danielle Joy Kinsey, M.D.Hometown: Bentonville, AR & St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri-Columbia
Med school: University of Missouri-Columbia
Surgery interest: Cardiothoracic, Trauma, Transplant, Surg Onc
Hobbies: Anything creative!
Favorite things: : Playing with my animals and spending time with my husband. I have two German Shepherds and three kitties that definitely occupy my time! I love interior design (on a budget), painting, mosaics, and flipping cheap furniture into something cool… doesn’t mix well with all the pet hair though! I also have a small quilting business. When I have Sunday off, I enjoy going to church with my husband!
Reason I came to UMKC: The next five clinical years (and possibly few research years) are dedicated to becoming the best surgeon I can possibly be. It was apparent on my interview day that UMKC would both prepare me well to immediately go into practice but also set me up for any fellowship I may pursue. It felt like I was a good fit among both the residents and faculty, and I am so excited to start training as part of the UMKC family!
Meghana Kumar, MD
Photograph of Meghana Kumar, M.D.Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Med school: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Surgery interest: Still undecided but wanting to explore MIS, Colorectal
Hobbies: Running, baking, movies/TV
Favorite things: : Grab bubble tea or ice cream, explore local bars/breweries, meet up with friends
Reason I came to UMKC: I went to UMKC for medical school, so I knew it was a solid surgery program in a great city. As a bonus, my sister also lives in Kansas City.
Talayna Leonard, DO
Photograph of Talayna Leonard, M.D.Hometown: Gillette, Wyoming
Undergrad: University of Wyoming
Medical School: ATSU-KCOM
Surgery Interest: Undecided
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, Camping, pottery, knitting, hunting and playing card games. I have never met a cat I wouldn’t pet or a taco I wouldn’t eat.
Favorite things to do on days off:I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, visiting local breweries, or sitting down with some popcorn and a movie.
Reason I came to UMKC: I can see myself becoming a part of the community and I have loved all the time I have spent in Kansas City. This program provides many opportunities and excellent training with a welcoming atmosphere.
Isabella Nair, MD
Photograph of Isabella Nair, M.D.Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Surgery Interest: MIS, Trauma, Cardiothoracic
Hobbies: Traveling, Baking, Pottery, Spin Class
Favorite things to do on days off: I love spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends. We all enjoy trying out new restaurants in Kansas City, patio hopping and traveling when possible! I also enjoy sleeping in and bingeing netflix on my days off!
Reason I came to UMKC: I was able to see firsthand the culture of this program and the training its residents receive as a UMKC med student. Through my interactions with the residents while completing rotations on surgical services, I knew these were people who I wanted not only to be co-residents with, but also friends with. Kansas City is also home to me and I know that having my family, boyfriend and high school friends close by throughout residency will prove invaluable.
Dylan Pate, DO
Photograph of Dylan Pate, D.O.Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Undergrad: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: A.T. Still University – Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Surgery Interest: Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
Hobbies:Hiking, football, fishing, and hunting.
Favorite things to do on days off: Spending time with family and friends, KC Chiefs football, spending time outdoors.
Reason I came to UMKC: : I was able to visit the program for a month, and I was thoroughly impressed with the camaraderie between residents and the degree of autonomy afforded to the residents within this program.
Kenmin Wu, MD
Photograph of Kenmin Wu, M.D.Hometown:New York, New York
Undergrad: City University of New York, The City College of New York
Medical School: State University of New York, Upstate Medical University
Surgery Interest: Breast Surgical Oncology, Reconstructive Surgery
Hobbies: Gardening, Homebrewing, Cooking, Fitness
Favorite things to do on days off: Training diversity that offers a wide variety of operative experiences, in addition to a strong dedication to teaching, academics and patient care.